[EU] Wormageddon | C5 Wormhole PVP | Tight Knit

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Pagids Legion are the sole corp of Wormageddon. We are an established tight-knit C5/5 Vanilla PVP group, creating perfect opportunities for a multitude of activities. We create a very friendly atmosphere, mature but also filled with a lot of jokes and laughs and a very active discord full of banter. We wouldn’t be British without the banter!
We are mostly UK Based and are 100% EU. Our primetime is 1600-2300 GMT/Gametime.

What we offer:

  • Very active corp, full of British banter
  • Small-mid gang fights
  • Shield and heavy armour brawls
  • Skirmishes, null sec roams & ESS raiding
  • Blops
  • High tier C5 PVE
  • Gas, Blueloot & Ore buyback 90% Jita
  • SRP & Hand out ships
  • FC Training program
  • Opportunities to get involved with theory crafting
  • Fun to fly doctrines


  • 15 mill SP
  • Working Mic & Discord
  • On coms when active inside home hole
  • Basic PVP experience / Active Killboard
  • Ages of 18+
  • Laugh when we all go to valhalla

Interested? Drop into our Discord and say hello! We’re more than happy to answer any questions and have a chat :slight_smile:


Few fun fights:


Pub channel: Pagids Public


Join us for some exceptional lossmails! That’s right, we can show you a multitude of different ways to lose your ship, and you can start today by applying!

Bumpity bump, it’s the weekend! Join our discord if your interested in wormhole shenanigans!

Get the Vodka ready!

Actively seeking PvP content hunters!

Want to have a general chat about our corp, wormholes, your favourite drink, come visit us on discord!

Hooray for spaceships

We want a… Shrubbery!

Bumpity Bump Bump

Tired of losing ships? Come lose them with us!

Recruitment still Open, newbro’s with an appetite for wormholes still welcome

Tip of the day. Put your Vodka in the freezer

Still recruiting and stuff


Still recruiting! Come be part of a close-knit group of players!

Still recruiting!

Still losing ships on a regular, come join the fun!

Recruitment is the best job eveeeeeer

Still recruiting!

Who wants to be the next “new guy?”