[WH] Wormlife Alliance recruiting small corps/individuals

We are a wormhole-based alliance looking to recruit select corporations and individual pilots interested in experiencing all that wormhole life has to offer.

We are open to corps or pilots who are either new to wormhole living, or simply new to EVE as well, and want to learn, as well as bitter vets looking for a comfortable environment to do their thing. That being said, the nature of wormhole life means that while lack of experience is not a problem, personal initiative is definitely necessary.

Our primary areas of focus are…

  • Planetary Interaction
  • Small-gang PvP
  • Ore and Ice Mining Ops
  • Manufacturing

We offer…

  • Fortizar/Azbel/Tatara access (low refining and market tax, 0 ISK corporation office fees)
  • C1 and C3 wormholes
  • Excellent planet composition for PI capable of multiple P4 and 4% POCO tax
  • Buy back program for ore, ice, and many types of PI
  • 24-7 wormhole moon fracking operations

As an alliance…

  • Welcoming environment for new players or those new to wormholes
  • Our members’ time zones are roughly split between NATZ and EUTZ with a few in NZ/AU TZ as well.
  • No charge for membership
  • No drama
  • Real life first (really)

If you’re interested in joining, send mail in game to Cngaar Aya, or contact me (Heretic) on our wormhole freeport Discord (link in corp description of: Wormlife Freeport Operations).

Please specify if you are a corp or individual, along with basic details about your corp/individual interests, time zones, numbers (if corp) and experience. If we both decide it’s a good fit, we’ll move on from there.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Continuing to selectively recruit small corps and individuals to the wormlife.

Always curious, why a full API? It’s none of your business what I own or how much ISK I have?


We prefer not to answer this question, if there is something you don’t like it is okey :slight_smile: feel free not to contact us. We prefer to mind our own business and keep alliance warm and safe all time.
Best regards, Doctor.

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The Wormlife is selectively recruiting for both individuals and small corps with initiative and an interest in wormhole life.

As a minor addendum to the API question above, it is a common requirement of many corps. We do it both for security purposes and as a way of assessing culture fit with our alliance.

@Cngaar_Aya Appreciate the answer, the question wasn’t meant as a jab at your Alliance/Corp, more inquisitive in general. I’ve always only asked for the info I needed for security and to help new players along. Always wondered if it was just because it was easier to get a full API then to list specifics. It’s always bothered me to be required to expose my corp and its’ holdings in order to “fleet up” into alliances.

That all being said, I’ve been looking to find a warm hole to slide into and have some interest in your offering. We’re more an industrialist group, but have the ability to hold our own if the situation requires it.

You have made a point, i agree with you in some ways. But as for me, i don’t trust at the very begining any person, who doesn’t want to provide full api-key just because we don’t need all. I start to think that he has something to hide. Paranoia in V, haha.

Sounds like the NSA. You want privacy, you must be a bad person! :wink:

Hah, well, we are not looking at someone’s stuff every minute like they do :slight_smile: we just want to be sure that person who comes to us is the right fit and will not leave us in a few days/weeks or will not make any troubles for an alliance. Hom much money or stuff do you have… we are not intresting in it, cause we can build anything we need :smiley:

Interested in sweet worm pie and, null ore outside of nullsec, and new connections every day? Try wormhole living…try the wormlife.

Recruitment continues for the Wormlife!

Recruitment continues for the Wormlife!

Interested in sweet worm pie and, null ore outside of nullsec, and new connections every day? Try wormhole living…try the wormlife.


Come join in the fun, many holes to roll

Are you still looking for a new home? Contact us today.

Become a scary wormhole person today! Selective recruitment for the Wormlife continues.

Still selectively recruiting individuals and small corps with initiative and a desire to live in wormhole space.

Join wormlife today.

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