Wormhole alliance | newbie friendly | relaxed players - recruiting players/corporations

Alliance name - Wormlife

I dislike large walls of text so I’ll keep it brief, we’re a wormhole group made of varied very old players and newcomers alike.
Currently we own a large array of wormholes from C1 to C4 and running a public freeport network as well with 20 public wormholes for anyone to use freely.

Who we’re looking for:

  • people who don’t fantasize constant CTAs
  • players comfortable with flying solo pvp or in small gangs in WH space (or are willing to give it a try)
  • explorers
  • miners
  • ratters
  • industrials

What we offer:

  • regular giveaways with all sorts of free ships worth from a few mil up to a few billions isk
  • we’re happy to train even a day-one player and help them get started in whatever role they wish
  • a bunch of wormholes to chose from
  • can cater to hard-core miners and ratters alike
  • stations well suited for various industry
  • excellent PI, far beyond what you’d find in highsec
  • relaxed atmosphere, cause this is a game after all, not a second job
  • no drama whatsoever; seriously, if anyone disrupts our mojo we boot them
  • we don’t give a rat’s ass on killboard stats

The only thing we ask for is that you be willing to use Discord any time you’re online ingame, because that’s where we discuss and organize everything. If you don’t want to use Discord, then we won’t be a good fit.

If what you see interests you, please come to our public channel and post there:
-> click here for discord invitation <-

Thanks and see you around.

Good guys to fly with! Mature community, smart leadership and relaxed atmosphere!

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