No longer looking

Update: No longer looking for an alliance.

Who am I?
A super bitter returning cloaky ■■■. Haven’t played this trashheap of a game in quite a while, but am looking about getting back into some action.

What am I looking for?

  • EU Timezone.
  • Cloaky faggotry. I’m not really all that much interested in something else.
  • Decent players that both know how to play the game and can think for themselves.

What am I not looking for?

  • Goonswarm and pets. I’m not looking to join a zoo.
  • Renter trash, carebears, monkeys.
  • Killboard warriors. If you don’t have enough brain matter to understand that killboards are meaningless, don’t bother posting a reply.
  • Another job. I’ll play at my own leisure only and won’t give a crap about cta’s or pings if they’re inconvenient for me.

I’m also not looking to join another corporation, as that would be an organizational nightmare for me. Therefor I either get to join with my corporation (only me and my alts, no other people in it), or not at all.

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What do your 150 alts do btw?

Most are dormant SP farms. Rest are cyno alts, blops alts, fuel truck alts, bomber alts, hk alts, …

I like to be self-sufficient, you know. That includes being able to run my own hotdrop fleets with only my alts.

Wow that’s amazing how many can you control at a time during a hot drop.

Enough to kill everything I set my eyes on.

Tbh 2-3 is plenty for that, 150 seems a bit overkill xD and I can’t imagine alt tabbing through 150 pilot’s to issue commands not really humanly possible.

talk to bombers bar they could use another alt farm for blops marshy isn’t doing too hot right now

Even if there wasn’t a lot of bad blood between me and the clowns that run that shitshow now, I explicitely stated that I’m not looking for trash players, killboard warriors or a zoo.

Not to mention that a NPSI channel isn’t an alliance.

You sound like a lovely fellow I’m sure anyone would invite you to their alliance I would also not be surprised if someone like @CCP_Falcon wasn’t looking at your post and wondering what we are all wondering.

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I’m just saying I don’t know who would take you. That’s why I said BB. They have a corp “Covert appreciation society” that does all the hunting and stuff. so it could be a place for you.

Yeah hard for him to do after this:

I really am once the bittervet layer is gone. :wink:

There isn’t much wondering required, now is there? I’m not really going out of my way to hide it…

In retrospect, quitting BB was the best thing I’ve ever done in EVE. The internal drama didn’t stop at all, but apart from the occassional anecdote I’m hearing about I don’t have to read any of it anymore.

Haha you’re such a ■■■■, I love it! There’s not really any solid places off the top of my head unless you have proper connections, maybe have a chat with Gobbins for a cloaky SIG… you’d get a lot of numbers from hordelings for your antics.

My connections got wind that I’m back and made me an offer I can’t refuse.

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Apparently they don’t anymore.


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