Any corps/alliances rewarding solo players? Merc, null campaign, rewards for kills, etc. Or gatecamping

Due to rl commitments, being in fleets can be really hard for me. Random work times, family etc. Solo play suits me well as I need to randomly go afk often.

So I’m looking for a corp/alliance I can still feel like I’m a part of and having an effect, working towards something, some meaning and purpose even when I can’t actually be in gang, due to timezone, rl etc.

I know this is quite an ego-centric request. Over a year ago I was part of an alliance who paid out isk for kills with bonus’s in campaign areas. I’m looking for something like that again. Or just remotely close, it’s just an example.

Also interested in gatecamps/camp busting, because long fleet roams don’t suit me as I would need to often leave in the middle of it and get left behind or left in middle of nowhere.

Interested in wars too.

I can offer a fairly isk efficient pvp’er (97.3% I do my best not to red your kb) who’s a bit rusty from an 18month break with solo experience going back to 2007, still finding my footing in this current meta.
Can also use scout alt on alpha or activate second account as a RR alt for the right corp.

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