Zkill stats down?

Somehow the character kills/losses stats disappeared.

Is it a temporary thing ?

Or are we finally going to see the end of KB boasting pimplenauts ?

im sad about it
plz bring stats back

When you’re used to a thing working a consistent way, its a shock when the Admin does an experiment to shake things up a bit. This post looks like a non-admission admission, I wouldn’t be too worried.

Squizz - zKillboard Admin
Looks fine to me
whistles innocently

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I don’t know why “risk aversion” is blamed on killboards. Games with zero kill tracking have the exact same thing, risk aversion comes from people not wanting to lose period, not from public knowledge of losing.

Squizz should do a period with no stats where the stats are still tracked but not published and at the end of that period do a comparison. I’d bet my bottom isk that there would be no increase in pvp as you would expect if people were less risk averse.

Killmails/killboards are just a scapegoat. The real problem is that even in a video game most people are wusses not willing to get their egos bruised.


but but…
how can i see if the guy i killed /died is a pro or a scrub and be happy / sad accordingly?



And nothing of value was lost!
Take that, killboard warriors, your stats mean nothing now.


Even agreeing that people put too much love in zkill, Wich is sad, zkill is a good tool, y can know more of your enemies, even do market strategies based on destruction of a given region or ship fits

ha its back

I am kind of sad when I visit zkill as it keeps reminding me how I lost an Orca and an Obelisk on the weekend vs a team of https://zkillboard.com/ship/52215/losses/ who can not die

/I want to warn that when you see a wing of those mixed with normal Drifter BS you warp, don’t try to defend, you should run and hide fast as they will point you blind you web you and nuke you.

Well that’s a disappointment.

Tbh, the whole aspect of it would be a lot more Zen with just the kills showing for intel gathering, and not the stats nor that absymally dumb “snuggly/dangerous” bar.

Such designs aren’t needed and more encouraging for certain people to feel good/crap about themselves for a video game, and for what real need/reason might I ask ?

let me explain to you
yesterday i killed a guy 2 times
in his killboard it say he has few solo kills
them i assumed he is a beginner , inside i don’t fell so happy because killing new guys is part but don’t really improve your game
at the end i contract him one of my ships free of charge to “compensate” him for the 2 loses and give him a stimulus to keep going , he sent me a eve mail happy about it
i also killed a guy in a overpriced ship , 20 times the valor of mine , i was very happy , wen i looked at his killboard i saw 2k solo kills , oh its a veteran , in a expensive ship , i was SUPER happy
i dont use zkill for intel, i fight almost everyone ,i use it after the fight to access if my fit is good in the meta , if I’m progressing or just killing new guys etc…
to know about the person who kill you or who you kill helps immensely in pvp training
its a meta game
its good for us who live from pvp ( i live from militia LP , amarr pay my plex , and for loot dropped from pvp)
why should people who don’t participate in this meta game care
why do you @Scoots_Choco want to take what i like in the game?
i think is to egotistical of you guys

btw im a solo player
my zkil not only show my kills but my pathetic defeats
wen i lost my providence , because i was being bumped , and accept a duel , with ONE destroyer
wen i lost my paladin in a gank
wen i stoped being a miner and fought my first guys
wen i was in a null sec alliance etc
zkill to me is my history
and its not pretty , I’m not a great player , I’m just A player
to me zkill is a integral part of the game, it keeps me interested in eve
but like anything nowadays people have to polarize an optional part of the game in detriment of people who really need said part

Captura de Tela 2020-04-29 às 11.27.33
i fell resilient

btw i was looking
the first guy who killed me has 905 solo kills , still plays , he lost a ship yesterday to a guy who has 50 solo kills , i think this is beautiful

not true, in other games i’ve pvped way more, infact i specifically went hunting.

But when all i go is get yelled at or threatened because theres a neut 15 jumps away, they dont want me flying x ship and getting caught in it, your not allowed to be undocked unless you meet x parameters, or you get rejected corp applications all because your lost a ship.

zkill stats are horrible.

Fixed that for you. :wink:


yeah thats a much shorter version. nice and to the point.

“what you lost a carrier in a 6 hour fight? yeah you dont have the credit to talk about pvp.”

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