The James 315 QuitMark Metric

When I log in next you will receive what you had asked for.

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Don’t forget, a billion isk for Aiko!

Don’t let the witch gaslight you or a recently new term I found out about .


I sometimes think Eve should be called Paradise Lost.
It’s like being in an epic poem sometimes.


Thank you, frosty does show difficulty in understanding what’s really the message here

** They send memes and GIFs, but never engage in a proper conversation.*

Or… Parasite Found


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Imagine playing on lost temple in 2024 OMEGALUL

With hyperventilating regards
-James Fuchs

That’s some odd thing to get triggered by. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Especially considering what you could already assume that it’s just a random screenshot from the internet based on a google image search, the first useful result for parasite starcraft.

Now checking its source it’s actually from the official strategy guide (Zerg Strategy Guide) and thus is probably like several decades old.


Calm down miner.

The Russians have a saying “And then things got worse”. Kinda a national anthem for them and the game…

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Looks like we have a healthy crop of capsuleers who have passed the Mark!

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It looks like the most recent graduate of James 315’s school of newbro gankers was Ronin Amelana who killed his first Ishtar! Congrats!


Calm down ganker.


Dueling permits are fake!

Why don’t you ever kill abyssal runners, it can’t be anymore boring than ship spinning or talking to my fellow ag , trying to persuade them to join you why you wait for a target.

I do. Why don’t you learn to use zkillboard?

You guys are gonna need to get a lot better before I even consider letting you join. Princess Aiko Hold My Hand is still recruiting miners, so you can apply there. However, there is a processing fee of 1 billion isk which must be submitted with your application, and like all Goonswarm affiliates, I require a full API on each of your characters. You are also going to need a mining permit.

Can you please work on your grammar? Your application will be denied, unless you put some thought and effort into your essays.

I’m sorry Princess for what frosty just did!

Whatever you refer to, your action will probably incur a fee of at least 1 bil ISK to be paid to her. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Your response shows just how afraid you are to log in Uriel

That’s some odd conclusion to make from that sentence. :upside_down_face:

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I want my permanent in my mailbox before days end.