Highsec Mining

Please remember to purchase a new order mining permit when operating in James 315 territory miners.

Visit www.minerbumping.com to learn of your place and obligations in new eden.

**This has been a community service announcement from the new order of highsec.


And don’t AFK mine …

Oh wait, CODE does it too with dozens of Orcas.

People who buy such a permit make a fool of themselves and nothing more.


Yes, it is no secret miners.
New order logistics is the source of all an agents needs.

A program exists for the right type of miner, however, a licence is required.

To join the S.E.R.F program as a trusted miner, pm me in game for more details.

The moderators should really sticky this.

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deleted not sicked. Scaming on forum (especially in such categories) is not good idea.

Time for a lock ISD :slight_smile:


If the isd locks this, i will lock you out of James 315 territory and place you on the red pen list.

How scary. Go and cry to you CODE mommy because miners don’t care about you and other similar scamers.


Please calm down hairless miner.
Let us test this theory.

Where is your mining permit rebel?

Not a miner for a long time. Was so bored because none form code ever visited me so I stooped that career. Anyway thx, for add :wink:

You have been playing since november 2018, define long time?

I will grant you a wish.

i will help you to put hair on your characters profile picture… or i will visit you and cure the boredom…

You can only choose one little one.

Two years or something like that. At least one year mining in hisec trying to find that mysterious code.

Tell me when you will visit me I will bake a cake for you

beta males of today baking cakes.

The western world has no hope.