Join the fight against illegal mining!

Are you tired of watching illegal miners flaunt the law and evade taxation? Do you rejoice when their contraband is confiscated? If you answered yes to these simple prompts, then you may dedicate yourself to James 315, the First of His Name, Supreme Lord Protector of Miners, Father of the New Order, Saviour of High-Sec, and High King of both Halaima and Kamio.

The CODE. alliance is dedicated to ensuring that high-sec is a safe space for legal citizens, and an unsafe space for those who have traded their honour for the corrupt patronage of CONCORD.

Elite CODE. agents have the solemn duty of ensuring that all individuals within high-sec are willing to follow the New Halaima Code of Conduct, in accordance with the wise decree of our Saviour. We are determined to prosecute those who engage in illegal mining, and the smuggling of goods derived thereby. We recognize that James gained control of high-sec through democratic consensus, and enforce the will of the people. Together, we can stamp out the cursed addiction of bot aspirancy, and preserve the asteroid belts for future generations to enjoy their natural beauty.

If you are ready to become a citizen of high-sec, there are two paths forward, which ultimately lead to the same destination. You are encouraged to take direct action yourself, by confiscating an illegal mining vessel and seizing any illegal implants, ore, or associated mining paraphernalia. However, if you cannot muster yourself for the challenge of elite PvP, then you can simply pay a nominal 10 million isk administrative fee, allowing you to legally bask in the glory and splendour of high-sec. This generous indulgence shows the infinite mercy of James, who is willing to provide sanctuary to all refugees, permitting even the poorest miner to live in peace and harmony.

Just say NO! to illegal mining!

Contact any CODE. agent today, and learn how YOU can develop a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour, James the Invincible!

Of course, you may enjoy his award winning website:


-Princess Aiko of Khanid, Duchess in Kor-Azor


Must… not… take… bait…

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Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future. - James 315

I bought my cult ticket only 10m for the cool aid

bump for glory

High sec miners are a bunch of retards. Gank em all!

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