Division 315 [CODE.] - High Sec Ganking

"The most elite form of PVP is that which you honorably kill a mining barge in a Catalyst" - Satisara

Who are we?

We are a nomadic extension of the CODE. alliance and James 315. Our primary objectives are to abolish unpermitted, illegal mining, unpermitted PVE, and to enforce the New Halaima Code of Conduct.

What do we do?

We “confiscate” the ships of the degenerate pilots that refuse to comply to the New Halaima Code of Conduct. You can learn exactly what that means on this VIDEO. As a nomadic corporation, we often move around high security space and target industrial corporations. That may involve things like: Suicide ganking, watching a freighter explode, laughing hysterically as we dunk an Athanor, steal back James’ moon ore, selling permits, flying in large fleets to accomplish alliance objectives, bumping “peasants” out of mining range that refuse to comply, and much more.

What do we offer you?

  • A ship replacement program that will cover your ganking ships so you can gank for FREE!

  • Hours upon hours of entertainment in a community that loves to watch things explode

  • A first hand experience with the manipulation of hi-sec pvp mechanics

  • New-bro friendly atmosphere that can guide you into one of the funnest careers in Eve

  • The opportunity to become a notorious pilot that is widely feared in hi-sec

What do we require?

We welcome any and all whom would fight the pestilence of AFK mining that is plaguing all of New Eden.

  • Baptism by CONCORD (Gank a miner in Hi-Sec)

  • Willingness to skill into a few short training plans

  • The ability to roleplay as an agent of the New Order

  • We require that you read and familiarize yourself with the New Halaima Code of Conduct

Suicide ganking does not require a large amount of training and an alpha clone is fully capable of doing what we do.

How do I apply?

Join the in game chat channel Division 315 and mention recruitment.

Recruitment Contacts: Grixer Noxtlus & Jessaca Stone

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Who are you? Children that weren’t loved enough by your moms and perv RP’rs. Piracy is a valid game mechanic for ISK, ganking mining ships because you can is a immature personality flexing the power they wield in the game that they lack in the real world. Pretending your a vast EVE mafia is just sad. CODE needs a professional therapist.

Greetings capsuleer!

I can confirm that you are absolutely right that CODE. does not gank just for the ISK, we prefer fun/h instead of isk/h.

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I attend therapy three times a week. I am law enforcement in real life, and I am often frustrated at how powerless I am, being unable to effectively stop illicit narco-traffickers. My therapists agree that Eve is an ideal way for me to live out my fantasy of an effective law enforcement organization. In Eve you can choose to be a rogue freighter smuggler or an illegal ice miner, but I am proud to serve with those who stand for justice, law, and order. Someone has to defend the guristas, angels, serpenti, and so-called ‘blood pirates’, against the genocidal maniacs who persecute them, and I am honored to be amongst those who side with the oppressed.


Shouldn’t that be “revised” code, being you have changed it to a different agenda from it’s original conception, kinda sloppy and this lack of excellence is not the kinda folks I would have.

No, It’s not the about the billions of Isk you take from freighter pilots at all.
It’s not about how all your alts are doing industry when you’re not ganking.
And it’s not about being Goonswarm pets under the crazed dream of Mittani.
Couldn’t be any of those things.

lol…y r u guys taking it so serious? This aint real life

Several capsuleers have joined us so far and our numbers are growing at a substantial rate, at least for Division 315. We are really looking forward to growing our numbers to the point that we are deleting Orcas from space on a daily basis. These miners believe that they are safe with their mining drone Orcas and Skiffs. There is absolutely nothing that can make you immune to the law. The New Order will prevail and CODE. will always win.

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