High-Sec Hijinks - PvP/PvE

A few of our group have returned to Eve and we’re looking for a few more pilots to join us. We’ve participated in null-sec wars. We’ve lead alliances. We’ve been low-sec pirates. This time around we’re going to try more casual game play instead of Eve being a second career for us.

We’re going to try our hand at small-gang PvP in high/low, wardecs and general high-sec hijinks. We still do the mining and indy stuff, but our focus will be more on the PvP side this time around.

We’re looking for miners with the thirst for PvP, returning Eve players, and of course newbros are welcome. We’re miners. We’re indy. We’re old-school PvPers. Above all else, we’re here to have fun.

If you’re interested in joining us reply in-game to Tharadin Khardula.

Fly Safe o7

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