Vet Looking for Corp


2004 veteran pirate here. I’m going to change things up a bit being low-sec is dying. I would like to see if any high-sec indy/mining corps need any experienced PvP pilots to help in wars. Would love to help out a corp fend off high-sec menaces if needed.

I’m US (east coast) based. Have mostly been in piracy since 2004. Tons of experience, can fly almost anything including capitals, logi, covert ops, recons, command ships, and T3. Although I am a pirate, I am very casual and mature. Very down-to-earth and sometimes sarcastic comedic personality.

That said, I am not looking for any null-sec or PvP focused corps with this ad. Just putting out feelers to see if this is an actual need.

Greetings mate , I run a hisec industrial corp being part of a PvP alliance, they are constantly at war, and we live in a heck of a good place . If interested plz send me mail or join Naabal discord

What about a lowsec industry corp that always needs help defending our guys? We are getting more active with PvP so i’m not gonna lie to you.

Message me in game if you’re interested and i’ll introduce you to the guys and girls.

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