[NHCOC] New Order Logistics [CODE.] - High Sec Ganking


(Super Perforator) #1


New Order Logistics, a member of CODE. Alliance is recruiting.

Suicide Ganking does not take a lot of skill points, is ideal for new players looking to find their place in the game. Even if ganking is not you, it is an ideal starting point to learn some game mechanics, familiarize yourself with the way things are.

Base Requirements:

  1. An open mind.
  2. Combat Log API registered with zkillboard.com
  3. Prepared to enforce The New Halaima Code of Conduct, and to “keep local civil”.

Required reading:

We have skill plans, irregular fleet actions, a ship replacement program that covers basic costs, and a very diverse community!

Feel free to take up contact, either apply directly to the corporation, contact your local New Order Agent, or send me an EVEmail!

Looking forward to seeing you in game!
Fly Safely! o7
Praise James!

LF a very active and good pirate corp
(Super Perforator) #2

Ganking is fun!

(Super Perforator) #3

If anyone has any questions, don’t forget to ask!

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Don’t forget to apply!

(Super Perforator) #6

The amount of recruits joining in the last week has been, for our standard, truly breathtaking.
Thank you all!
Praise James! o7

PS recruitment continues to be open.

(Super Perforator) #7

That would be bad.

(Super Perforator) #8

It sure is!

(Super Perforator) #9

Enjoy our the high quality banter in our alliance communications. Learn something about your fellow man…

And get out here ganking!

Praise James!

(Minx Mattel) #10

Are you tired of the blue donut? Then you should join the New Order Logistics because we shoot everyone. We bring true Elite PvP to HiSec by shooting miners, mission runners, ratters, salvagers, scouts, haulers, and industrialists. We don’t discriminate any potential targets, just because someone is a nullbear with powerful friends doesn’t mean we will give them a pass.
Does this sound fun? Come and join us on our permission inspection fleets.

(Xan Staraider) #11

Our most heroic exploits are featured on our blog: www.MinerBumping.com.

Help us free High Sec from the carebear menace! Sign up today!

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And today’s blog entry is promising to be a real good one!

(Super Perforator) #14

The New Halaima Code of Conduct is so named, because Halaima is the system where it all started.
All this information is on the blog. Please read it.
Otherwise we will be happy to answer your questions in another forum, not in the recruitment thread.

PS 4/10 for creativity. its been done before.

(Piugattuk) #15

I know this, just elbowing for fun, code is code, code always wins, I’d join but then I’d just gank my own Corp mates.

(Xan Staraider) #16

Or you could buy them all mining permits and a link to the Code. We do have a lot of fun; we had a 9 man corp fleet this morning in fact! There was very little we couldn’t destroy. :grin:

Check out our very impressive corp killboard:

(Piugattuk) #17

Hey get back into Hek, miners are missing you.

(Xan Staraider) #18

The words of James 315, our heroic leader:

Let me tell you why people are killing highsec miners. A manifesto.

The words are as true today as they were back in 2011.

Join us in our fight against the vile carebear!

(Minx Mattel) #19

Today is the Second day of Burn Jita, which is the happiest event in Eve. Join NOL and feel the delight of exploding space ships.

(Super Perforator) #20

Praise James!
Every Gank counts! Join today!

(Super Perforator) #21

New Order Logistics keeping the Minerbumping.com comment section alive and active!

Come and keep up the fun!