LF a very active and good pirate corp


(Noc Nemesis) #1

thought of FW but seems pirates can attack anyone anytime and well kinda apeals to me atm… looking for a good active and helpfull bunch of miscreants to teach me the right way to plunder n be feared

(QuakeGod) #2

I highly recommend the saviors of High Sec, CODE. You’ll be farming tears in no time…

(Noc Nemesis) #3

hmm wish they had a web site or somewhere to see there corp or alliance . to find someone to talk to ill keep trying

(QuakeGod) #4

Go in game and look up The Conference Elite and New Order Logistics and look at their description pages.

(Noc Nemesis) #5

will do that should get me started thank u very much …

(QuakeGod) #6

Here’s their recruitment page on this forum:

(system) #7

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