Newish player looking for a corp

Hello, I am a pretty new player (About 2-3 months if I remember correctly) and have gotten a bit tired of exploration and mining so I have decided to relocate. I have a small bit of isk and a bunch of ships all over the place and just got back after a short break.

I am mainly looking to join a corp focused on ganking in highsec that can help teach me how to gank and what skills/preparations I should have.

I play around NAE in the mornings and afternoons.


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Have a look at our new player friendly pirate corp.

We can help you and tech you the ways of the gank.


We have a training programme, awesome funny community, free capital programme and me… no more reasons needed I think:

Do I need to have 3m sp?

No, but if you join us on discord, we can discuss details:

Vouliganar I see you’re interested in ganking, but might I interest you in null sec fleets? Why gank a single ship, when you can take an entire region?? We offer skill plans, free ships, and guidance for new players.

if you’re interested read more about us: [US/EU][New Player Friendly] HVYCC. 0.0 Corporation. PVP|PVE|Miners Welcome! LEGACY Coalition


This isn’t a link to my corp or group as what you have described isn’t really what we do but I can recommend you check out these guys here they are a really good bunch of dudes and will help you get to the gameplay you are after.

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Tyvm for giving me something that at least resembles what I said in my post and not just trying to convince me to take up mining or explo as some of the corps that contacted me.

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I know what it’s like out here dude, good luck tell Ragnar (if you go check the dudes out) PJ says hi :stuck_out_tongue:

Not my corp, but you should reach out to Aiko Danuja in game. She’s the head of one of the largest and most well known group of gankers.

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