Spudden Attack | New Player Friendly Pirate & Small Gang Corporation | UK / EU

The Potato Alliance [SPUD5]

The Potato Alliance is an old school pirate alliance in EVE, founded in 2020. Since then we’ve been roaming Lowsec in small gangs looking for good fights and ransoms. We have open roams every Monday, more private roams scheduled weekly and more than enough action in our space to keep us busy in the meantime. We are currently a UK / EU time zone entity only.

Spudden Attack [SPUD0]

Spudden Attack is a new player friendly pirate corp that will help you get the hang of the game and for potential pilots to get a feel for the life of piracy and see if our atmosphere is what they want. Bloodthirsty new bros will be trained by our awesome training managers. We have skill plans for you, classes ranging from d-scanning and overview to more advanced PvP tactics, fitting help, pretty much everything a pirate to be, wants to know. You will be flying side to side with actual Spudden Impact Vetrians in normal roams. You will be moulded into a lethal pirate ready to join our main corp Spudden Impact.

What we are looking for in Spudden Attack is a willingness to get out there and get shot; hopefully landing a couple of good blows yourself. All we ask of you is that you can fit a frig, preferably with some guns on there, and our training managers will set you on the right path. Even if you don’t have any PvP experience, we are looking for people with the drive to become a merciless pirate.

Even though we have classes and FC’s for newbro’s we expect you to go out on your own and find something to do or shoot if nothing is going on when you log in. You get extra brownie points with our training managers if you take out a couple of fellow Spuds yourself.

We are pirates though, meaning you’ll be expected to hit -10 sec status eventually. Shooting ships and pods first cause your security status to drop. At a certain point, people will be able to shoot you first on gates and stations and high sec will become off-limits for you. Recruits should be willing to embrace the lifestyle and call low sec their home.

Older pirates who already have both the skill points and pilot skill can take the time in the Spudden Attack, a comparatively short period, to see if we’re a good fit for you and if you enjoy flying with us.

Join our in-game public Channel: SPUD5

You can also come say hello in our discord: https://discord.gg/DRvWRheTua


  • Able to fly a frigate
  • Able to speak English, working mic is a must
  • Discord
  • 18+ in RL
  • Able to create content for oneself
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Great way to get into Piracy. You will be flying with the main guys in fleet and we have lots to teach new players wanting to get into piracy.

Daily Bump

Daily Bump and looking for new pirates wanting to try out the life of the low sec scum