Welcome future spuds.

I am the CEO of Spudden Impact, the executor corp of The Potato Alliance. We are based in the Placid Region and are looking for new people to join us! Our Alliance is made up of players both new and experienced and we participate in a wide array of gameplay activities.

First and foremost, we are a PvP alliance and that tends to generate a lot of salt from other players. Thankfully, salt and potatoes go together perfectly. This not only done with guns and missiles but with pirate mining and dominating our local high sec and low sec space. We value great Industrial strength and market PVP and love controlling markets from the ground up.

We are a comms mandatory group. You don’t have to speak constantly, but being able to rapidly communicate with the fleet can make the difference between success and failure. EVE encourages socialization and we feel that it helps establish a better family/community feel.

New Player Support

EVE is a game where your success depends on your willingness to learn and adapt to new things. We can offer you guidance from experienced veteran pilots that have lived in every area of the game and have done pretty much everything one can do in New Eden. We have skill plans, Alliance ship fits, and a Ship Replacement Program in place so you are able to learn as quickly as you’d like and don’t lose all of your ISK in the process. There are no stupid questions and our team is happy to bring you up to speed.

Experienced/Returning Vets

Already tried the F1 Monkey life out in null and want to feel like your contributions actually matter? Our Alliance is very project-focused so you will always have opportunities to contribute to existing projects or initiate your own and pull in assistance from your fellow members. Small gang pvp, camps, wormhole expeditions, resource acquisition. If you have goals, we have your back.

The Team

Being a close knit group means that we try to solve problems together and avoid causing problems for ourselves. The only drama we want is between us and our in-game foes. We don’t want to talk politics or religion and we won’t tolerate homophobia, sexism, racism, etc.

We are currently looking for pilots and corporations in all timezones but with a current focus on USTZ. Broadening our timezone coverage means more options for our members long term. We skew more towards EU than US at the moment but have good representation in both.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

SPUD5 wants you to be a part of our team. Whether you pvp, mine, explore, build, or cause ceaseless diplomatic incidents, you’ll feel right at home with us.

If this all sounds like a place for you then we welcome you to our discord:

Public Channel In Game: SPUD5

For PVP you can see our Alliance Killboard: The Potato Alliance | Alliance | zKillboard
DISCORD: SPUD5 - Potato Alliance


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