The Potato Alliance - A review

Greetings pilots !

First of all i am apologizing if i am posting this in the wrong section of the forum . There is the corporations and alliances section, but i have noticed that the place is more focused on advertisement , so i am posting this in tne general section .
The reason that i am posting this , is to share my new player experience with this group , so that other new players or persons that are interested in them would have a better picture. I will be 100% objective and present to you both the good and bad experiences that i had.

I do not know where to start with this, but i suppose that i should start with the begining.
About a week ago , i have seen an advertisement for this game and decided to give it a try . I almost gave up on it because of the interface that it has and the tutorial , respectively the career agents that do not cover parts that i think are essential to the game . Just when i was doing the career missions , i was greeted by a game master who was kind and helpful , he answered my questions for which i had no answer or confusing answers on the rookie chat and gifted me 2 ships, modules and a ship skin.

Following the rookie chat discussion and asking questions about security status of systems , low security systems caught my attention as the rewards are better that those in high security systems. As suggested by a pilot , i took my Venture and went exploring them . I then started mining in an asteroid belt in a low security system , where a pilot tried to catch me .
I had a conversation with that pilot , we talked for some good minutes and he acknowledged that his intention was to destroy my ship and told me that i should apply to join Spudden Attack corporation, which is what i did.

The following days were ok i suppose , i was doing my mining and one day i decided to try some pvp , so i asked around if there’s a training fleet for this . Someone offered to take a frigate fleet on a roam , which i have joined . The roam was not a pleasant experience . No instructions or details were given , with me being completely new to this , some persons were talking but in a language using so many abreviations and Eve related language that i just didn’t understood anything from it . The roam went on and we destroyed a battleship that for reasons unknown to me it was in fleet with us and the pilot was blue . I’ve been told blue = friend. The experience was not a good one for me , it was confusing and haven’t learned anything new , as no one bothered to give explanations. At a point i got lost and was lagging behind them , i told this in fleet , but they just kept on going , in the end i got destroyed in some system.

I was expected a training fleet , but the fleet was for experienced players.
Another problem that i had was not getting answers for my questions , this happened in corporation chat , alliance chat and even on discord , it was like typing in an empty chat room . I got more answers from the rookie help chat than there.

Yesterday there was a group of players that attacked their stations , notifications to join defensive fleet on discord were sent . When i asked for a fleet invite and if i can bring my frigate to help and how should i fit it , the same as always: silence !
On discord the drama started unfolding , the CEO was acusing members that they do not join fleet and that they do not want to defend , that they are entitled and that they follow their own interest and personal agenda.

I did my best, i equiped a Maulus class ship with dampeners , as it was the only ship i could pilot , except for tackle frigate . This was suggested to me by a pilot in rookie help chat when i asked there how can i new player help in a fleet of experienced players , he was also kind to share a fit for me and wish me good luck . I was expecting this from my corporation , not from some stranger . And the sad part is the following , and i quote this from their recruitment advertisement on the forum here:

New Players Friendly

Are you tired of CTA’s?

We have a Real-life first policy because we are all adults here and we respect that you can’t be online every night.

And yet there was drama on disocrd when people couldn’t join the fleet because of real-life issues …

Anyway , i did responded and did my duty as best as i could , i was there with my ship ready in fleet and on comms., where something peculiar happened . You see the situation was out of control for them, they had a problem they couldn’t handle , so they asked for help . They received help from a different alliance , from a fleet commander that was so kind to give ships to us to fight with and take us into combat. The fight did not happen , from what i understood we had better numbers and the element of surprise , as the enemy did not knew what ships we were in. The fleet stood down , we went back to our discord and there our fleet commander said about the allied fleet commander that offerend help , that he is a sob and he we kill him after this but for know he will behave because he needs him . This is wrong , to behave like this when someone offeres to help you with a situation that you can’t handle , to act like this is just unmature and irresposible. And the reason for this is because , from what i understood, he called him a dips**t , which it wasn’t appropiate , but the allied fleet commander here unfortunately was right . Except for the player that suggested me to join and 2 persons, one that offered me to show how to scan and one from another corporation , the majority of them are arrogant, and with and ego as big as the sky is. They advertise their big pvp epeen , but i did my homework. You see i am a new player , but i am not stupid . I am smart enough to tell that if you fight armor tanked Harbingers that do EM damage with shield tanked Hurricanes fitted with just one large shield extender , you will lose the fight . Also you will lose if you bring Moas for the second round , which are also shield tanked and have even less hit points than the Hurricanes, luckly someone realized this and round 2 did not happen.
So much with their advertised “domination” of the area…

I wouldn’t be saying these things , but if it wasn’t for that brag and chest beating i had to deal with daily and when the time came to prove it , they had to dock and ask for help.

Later in that day someone said that a vni was doing site and that we could kill him . I got excited and wanted to be on the kill , i undock in my frigate and warp to the site where he was announced to be . Someone noticed me warping there and said i shouldn’t have done that . I did not knew , no one told me before hand that i shouldn’t have warped there , i was told this after i warped , as someone said there is a vni to be killed. I then got kicked from fleet, got kicked from discord and corporation and told that i am a spy.
I have sent mails , try to reach them on their public chat , but as always: silence !
How was i supposed to know that i shouldn’t have warped there , if no one told me before hand ? How should i know these things as a player that has played for just one week ? How can i learn these things , when no one answers questions or just pretends he can’t hear you on discord ?
I don’t know, you the one who reads be the judge of that . And on top of that i am accused of being a spy . Serioulsy ??? That upset me most , as i am sure that anyone is upset when accused of something he ain’t or didn’t do . It’s just like cops pulling you over for nothing or getting detained and spending a few days in jail until proven not guilty. How can’t i be upset ?!

So this was my experience with them … would totally not recommend .

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“Real life first” is one of the biggest lies that people never tire to repeat like a mantra. If crap goes down in EVE, you either don’t log in and don’t care or you log in and be around to participate. Logging in and not participating is not an option unless you have a thick skin, are a douchebag or don’t care.


I have logged in , participated , help as best as i could as a new player and then as reward , i was kicked from the corporation.

OP, you had the misfortune of joining a generic high-sec carebear gutter-trash corporation. There are many of them out there, and they’re usually led by incompetent carebear megalomaniacs who pretend that they’re skilled, knowledgeable, and have a lot of leadership and combat experience, when in reality none of those things are true. I’ve spent a very long portion of my EVE career destroying and/or ransoming such groups, which often entailed putting spy characters inside of them first, and I can tell you that I’ve heard such asinine stuff being discussed or taught within, that I’m 100% confident that such groups have the biggest negative impact on new player retention among all factors.

The good news is that not all corporations/alliances are like that. Browse the recruitment section of the forums, and make sure to do some extra research by pulling up kill board statistics and talking to existing members when you narrow down your selection of groups to possibly join. If a group advertises itself as primarily PvE (and openly recruits as opposed to being a small, private affair), run like hell, as those are the worst. But make sure to also vet any group that advertises PvP expertise or activity to ensure that their claims line up with reality.


It is ok sir. Maybe it was for the best that things turned out like this for me , maybe it is better that this happen to me so soon. As i see it, this is a learning experience too.
It’s just that now i have a bitter taste in my mouth , i am dissapointed and frustrated of being accused of something that i’m not.

Nothing they told you matters. Forget that they exist. Or play for a few months, learn the game, and then attack and destroy them when you’re ready - it would make for good content.

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Haha. From what i’ve seen it looks like they already have too much to worry about , so i guess i won’t have to even lift a finger .
But i agree with you . I will just forget about them and move on , enjoy the game . :slight_smile:

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Can recommend Eve University. Joined them years ago (on another character). Their recruitment process is a little overdone, but once past that I learned a lot. And it was a fairly pleasant experience all the way across. Also, don’t know if they still do it, but they had Monday night newbro roams that covered fleet basics. We usually fed at the end, but to this day that is still some of the most fun I’ve had on fleets.


I will do some searching about them. Thank you !

Some line spacing would be nice so it would be easier to read your post.

I have flown with Spudden impact who are the low sec PVP group, I think Spudden attack were created (I may be wrong here) as a traiing ground for newer players to get into PVP and then move over to Spudden Impact if they wanted to continue of the PVP path a feeder corp so to speak. My experience of Spudden Impact is nothing like the experience you had with Spudden attack.

@Eric_Shang is the CEO of Spudden Impact and he should see this post, i am unsure of what his invovlement is with Spudden Attack. but with your info (all be it a wall of text) we only have one side of the story.

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What did you expected ? Have you even noticed the name of the alliance you were joining ?
They couldn’t have picked a better one to describe them.
Destiny did a pretty good job on that too .

Have some patience , find out what you like doing in the game . There are good and bad corporations in this game , eventually you will find the good one for you.

What i can tell you about Eric is that he got upset , that some people couldn’t join the defensive fleet because of real-life issues. He then started calling them names , that they are leechers and do not want to join the fleet , that they think the alliance should be grateful to them because they have joined.
What is the point in advertising real-life friendly , if we had such discusssions on discord ?!

Well i am not one of those , i have fitted a ship (with the help of some random player from rookie help, they haven’t answered any of my questions reagarding the fleet , shame on them) and i have joined the fleet and did my part as a new player . I haven’t said no , i haven’t came up with any excuse . I was there in fleet and in comms ready !

What did i got in return ? A kick from the corporation ! While the others that did not joined , the ones that they were complaining about, are still fine in the corporation .

None of this really matters to me now , in a way i am grateful that i was kicked and got to see the true face of corporation leadership sooner. I will find a place where i will be appreciated.

If Eve punched you in the face - congrats - you’ve experienced the real Eve. Go outside, take a walk, figure out your next move— the awesome thing is - the next move is all yours.

There are so many idiots in this game to be fair. But there are good people too and they are worth finding.

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Are you telling me that it was Eric that did all those things you said? If so I straight up don’t believe you.

Eric is probably one of the most laid back people I have met in game, his voice and demeanour is calm 99% of the time. I am not saying he never gets wound up, but that is very much the exceptional rather than the norm.

Which character did you have in that corp, as it certainly isn’t the one your posting with?

Sorry buddy, you found a toxic cesspool. Thank you for bringing it to the forums so we all know how they operate.
Look for a better corp. Pandemic horde and brave have a lot of new player friendly advisors and fleets.

Yes he did .

You must be confused. This is the character that was in the corporation.

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Ive looked on evewho under Spudden Attack and Spudden Impact and this character name is not on the list of people who have departed either.

Unless it has not caught up yet

But either way, I tagged Eric in an earlier post, ill leave it to him to reply if he wishes to do so

That is not a CCP page and it is obviously not working correctly . If you check my character using the search bar in the game and you go to corporation history , it will display the right information.

tldr but i have to say potato is a wonderful alliance name

Evewho has been horribly laggy in updating Corp. I’ve come and gone from one this year and doesn’t even show up on my who page yet.

Check Zkill - he shows up there.