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Welcome future spuds.

I am the CEO of Spudden Impact the executor corp of The Potato Alliance based in Placid, Gallente space. We have now established our home system and so would like to offer you the opportunity to come to join us in what is going to be a wonderful year for The Potato Alliance going forward. We have grand plans to control and dominate our local Highsec markets from an Industrial point and will be doing this by offering industrialists a place to shine and grow not only in high sec but also in low sec. This is a wonderful opportunity and time for any new player, returning veterans or corporations wanting to make their mark in New Eden.

We love killing people and generating salt because there is nothing better than a salted potato. Generating salt is not only done with guns and missiles but with pirate mining and dominating our high sec and low sec space with any form of harassment we can find, making sure that no one steals our valuable ore and soon to be introduced gas. We value great Industrial strength and market PVP and love dominating markets from the ground up.

We are a coms mandatory group when online because of where we operate so if you don’t like talking to fellow human beings then we simply not for you. This is a social game and we like to know who you are and what you sound like. It helps build a community and a family feel.

New Players Friendly

Firstly welcome to New Eden where your success in the game depends on your willingness to learn and adapt to new things. We can offer you guidance from experienced veteran pilots that have lived in every sector of the game and have done most things in New Eden.

We like to have a family feel to the Alliance. In The Potato Alliance, your actions matter and your hard work will be rewarded. No question is stupid and it’s all about learning and growing. It’s a game but a serious game :P. We have a Real-life first policy because we are all adults here and we respect that you can’t be online every night.

We have skill plans, Alliance ship fits and a Ship Replacement program in place so you learn easily and don’t lose ISK in the process. If you want to fly with us, then come say hello in our discord using the link below.

Experienced \ Returning Vets

Are you tired of being in 1000 man fleets where you don’t matter and you just a small cog in a monster machine? Are you tired of CTA’s? Are you just looking for that smaller place where you are valued for you and nothing else?

We only want the best for our pilots and with this ethos, we strive to make sure you looked after and allow you to look after the new players. Our Alliance is very project-focused and so you will have opportunities to contribute to multiple projects as they come up but we also like people to come up with their own and allow the corp to help them achieve this.

It’s why we prefer the family feel in the Alliance. If you have any problem in RL you ask your family first and they will help you. It’s that sort of mentality we want and also try and build into our new players so that we have a snowball effect.

We hate drama lamas and so respect a simple no politics, religion, homophobic and sexist stance. We simply just not interested in peoples problems and have created a space where we can all escape real life to enjoy the game and have fun with your New Eden family.


If you have read the above and you like what you reading then we could be for you. If you want to learn more about the leadership structure and information about where you could fit into our adventure then please contact me via discord (prefered) or Evemail me.

We currently looking for:

Red - We need you

  • USA PVP Corporations because we are EU currently and would like to fill this time zone with a solid group that can help us dominate our Low sec home system.
  • Auz/China/Rus Corporations for the same reason as above. All we ask is that you can write and speak English so that we can all understand each other.
  • Master Industrial people wanting to control a region of space and its markets. This could be a corp of people or solo players just wanting to manufacture and market PVP like a champion.
  • Miners that love Astroid PVP. With the new changes coming to Orcas in high sec and the removal of drone bays, you will be able to work as a dedicated team of mining barges and exhumers to eat up any asteroid, anomalies, gas clouds or moon pops. Working as a unit and working well with others is key here. We do not want AFK mining because of where we mine.

Yellow - Great to get

  • EU PVP Corporations because we want to grow more so we can start working on the next phase of our plan.

If this all sounds like a place for you then we welcome you to our discord.

Public Channel: SPUD5

For PVP you can see our Alliance Killboard killboard. We prefer our corp killboard as it demonstrates what we have achieved in the last 3 months.

Our latest Corp Video that we put out every month as I am still working on a Alliance one.

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Bump! Looking to expand our business, welcome to make us grow!

You do need more people to engage us more often hehe

o7 Eric

Daily Bump. We still growing and would love to see you in our ocal and in the fleet.

Nice hahaha

Leaving this here, so that people that might be interested have a better understandment of your alliance:

Have a good day and good luck with recruitment !

Thanks for the bump Mr spy.

You’re welcome Mr. Drama . :slight_smile:

Great group of people o7

Returning Player, LFC. Submitted my details on your Discord.

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