Haha, this is a funny blog:

A lot of people want to join the mighty CODE. alliance; it is a welcoming place. But sometimes the enemies of the Code attempt to join. How are these would-be malefactors filtered out?

Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what happens when real CODE. agents catch a fake agent!



It is an amazing blog, I read it daily, everyone else should too. Thank James for keeping us all entertained for so many years.

Now, let us hope that VictorStark had full faith. I’m looking forward to the next installment.


The Best Revenge has been one of my favorites so far.

(One of my comments was even featured in an entry! Fangirl squeal)

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Oh boy, part II is out already?

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FYI I was invited but declined and then offered my alt to join.

Yeah, I’m not so sure about this. You’ve already cleaned the guy out. Do you actually have anything more to gain, or are you just griefing now?

This isn’t about gaining anything. This is about ensuring that other miners recognize how unwise it is to email insults to the Saviour and High King of High Sec.

This is about respect for the LAW.



Well…really he cleaned himself out because it was his own greed that was the root and cause of his trouble…same underlying cause that has - amazingly - made isk doubling and most things like that (very much including the example you reference) possible in EvE for 17 years. Human nature and our foibles are fascinating.

That is unfortunate. I’m sure a stellar bloke like you would do well. Perhaps you might reconsider?


I am not a fan of The Best Revenge. It seems like it is just making fun of a mentally deficient kid.

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Well, he was stupid to do all those things to infiltrate CODE. But looking at his kill board, he’s a member of Pandemic Horde now. He will eventually recover most of what he lost.

I’d like to say I’m impressed, but this whole story reeks of being made-up. Its easier for me to suspend my disbelief watching Wrestlemania than reading this story.

That’s right, we make this stuff up.


The Best Revenge is so well written and amusing - a pleasure to read. However, I am also starting to get a bad feeling that maybe a mentally challenged person was scammed out of RL money. I hope we find out that this is not what happened.

Well, if you really feel that way, perhaps you need to pick up your phone and contact your local police department. I am quite sure that it is illegal to scam a mentally challenged person out of real life money, both in game and (more importantly) out of game. That’s quite a serious allegation. Clearly, if you have some concern of this nature, you should certainly not hesitate to file an official criminal complaint.

You might also wish to inform the police that someone is trying to manipulate the PLEX market in Jita. I am sure a financial crimes detective will want to speak with you about this urgent matter, as it is absolutely a grave crime against humanity.

Also, when CCP changed the recent citadel drop rules, I lost several coercers and an atron. They were stolen from me, and I was too depressed to challenge CCP’s ruling. Please inform the police that I have been scammed out of my space pixels.


I would never be involved in taking IRL money from mentally challenged persons. As a professor of Space Ethics I find the very suggestion unpalatable. It is very mean to me.

Just to be sure though, perhaps CCP could implement some sort of basic IQ test for anyone purchasing PLEX. I have taken the liberty of creating a mock-up of such a test, which you may view here:


Imagine publicly denouncing James 315’s good works while sitting in a corp that is a member of His alliance. I’ll leave it there, as I wouldn’t want to get accused of making fun of a mentally deficient kid.


Perhaps, in order to prevent the possibility of a mentally challenged person being ‘scammed’ in EVE, we could implement a new system in which players are no longer able to transfer assets between themselves, and in which there is no permanent loss if any assets are ‘destroyed’ in combat. Also, in order to prevent the possibility that someone makes fun of another player, we could turn this into a singleplayer game. The last thing we would want is a situation in which people start laughing, and we certainly wouldn’t want to have a game in which there are winners and losers.


erp…I just meant in-game scamming, which is a valid part of EVE even if PLEX is bought, not some crime.

I’m just wondering if Mr. GuitarSolo is going to finally be revealed to be a jerk like every other goofus profiled in the blog, or if he really is some autistic person who thinks he is going to be space emperor. I only say that because somewhere is all of his word salad, I think he mentioned autism and some other issues he has.

James has been blogging for years. Why don’t you have a little faith and trust him?

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What does Goonscamming some null-nitwit have to do with The Code?