[Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread

Pretty random wolfstallion,

But yeah go to your NEOCOM, down to ships, and then ship tree. Then click on the different pirate factions and you can see what ships they have. And yes they have dreads, supers, and titans. So it isn’t like some far-off statement that it couldn’t be possible.


That is effectively what is happening, players are leaving as it’s not the game for them.

Question is, is that good business sense? If their target market alienates a good proportion of their customers, are they targeting too small a niche? Do they need to cast their net wider by offering a wider range of content?

All well and good having the #1 stellar, cut-throat and pvp-centric hardcore MMO with a perfectly balanced economy, but if that translates to 10k PCU, you’ve got to ask whether the players advocating for that are cutting off their noses to spite their face!


The niche is gamers with nice big fat bank balances.
The amount of plex being bought by credit card warriors will have told them that they can milk us some more.


I think this was a good move for the game. Need to make life a bit harder for those multiboxers. More expensive subs => more plex bought ingame => less isk in circulation => lower inflation => more stability for indy players & investors


What is more important to you - to have a game with lots of players or to have a game with the content you want? Lets face it, no one want eve to turn into a WoW in space. This inevitably means smaller playerbase forcusing at specific audience (spreadsheet nerds). It would be great to have a steady stream of new players participating in the economy, but not if it requires making the game more arcade. Over the years I’ve come to realize that eve is attractive to me because of its complexity, which is driven by the specific players it has, not because its accessible and popular.

For me as a player I’m happy about his change, but for CCP this might have been a short term win at the expense of long term growth.


Don’t worry, CCP is discounting subscription fees for multi-accounters. The price increase will mostly hit only non-commiters that solo-account.

Less isk is in circulation? It’s way more actually. ISK is harder to make with industry now, though, mostly because Princess Aiko isn’t doing her job, and her corps has been lazying so hard that miners have collapsed the economy and in consequence industry

There’s no point in moving a hauler past a stargate and creating assets for a week before bringing them to a market for sale, if the profit therein is below the profit of blowing up a rat on that gate, and that’s pretty much where we are these days.

Also, where in this game is there no inflation? PVE sites pay almost twice the concord bounties they used to pay before the mandatory risk-bounty-modifier introduction, abyss is dumping a billion isk per hour to any multiaccounter, and half a billion-ish isk per hour to any single accounter.

Here’s a PanFam member that considers isk income terrible if it’s only at 100% RBM, i.e. rats drop the same CONCORD bounties they used to drop 2 years ago:

Content, in eve, is a synonym for killmail grabbing. Most killmails can be grabbed when there’s a lot of players, all of which have poor skills, or are afk, or both.


Binary fallacy, the two are not mutually exclusive, you can have both by offering a range of content to attract a range of customers.

If it really did come down to a choice, CCP would obviously go with lots of players. Ask any business whether they want more customers or less and the answer will be the same.

Is that a meme? Plex isn’t an ISK sink, it transfers ISK between 2 players. Purely a transaction. It doesn’t deflate the economy or lower the ISK in circulation.

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So, any news about the multiple account discount @CCP_Paragon spoke of???

Emails want out about it back on June 3rd
25% off one month and 15% off 3 month subs for your alt accounts.

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I did notice the price of PLEX in the Domain market rose dramatically in April, I was wondering why that was. Now I probably know.

Why isn’t the price going down instead I would have figured this game would be free to play for real by now instead the price is going up I mean is the goal to kill eve online? This game since it came out it’s had huge potential but thru the years with every small change here and there you’v managed to strip away what made the game epic in the first place. Your die hard loyal players are all that is keeping eve online alive and yet it’s like it’s them you are targeting to exterminate which makes absolutely no sense to me. Make the game free to play for real and save the game before it’s too late. If your doing what your doing just for profit why don’t you sell the game to someone who will actually keep the game alive? I hope you pay attention to this thread and realize that we are all here wanting only the best for this game.

Yeah, and CCP can work for free

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CCP never seem to care about its base of players having nevertheless made its glory in the past, a past where free play did not even exist; at that time, each player taking part in EvE Online was proud to be able to contribute without counting, or almost, to the development of the most beautiful and intelligent online game of all time…

I am part of this base and I think I can say with great pride that I have done my part for a long time, not to mention the many gracious sponsorships to my credit… But all of this was done without counting greed unacknowledged from CCP who, rather than intelligently reinvesting our money in order to support this incessant base of players, preferred to indulge in abuses that we did not suspect of him, and therefore inevitably, sooner or later, wreckage: PLEX, OMEGA, EPP, injectors, etc., that is to say all the ingredients necessary for the alienation of these same players and who will have finally got the worst of the persistence of New Eden…

Also, when a player rightly claims free, namely the real one in June 2022, it is in no way to tell CCP to work for free, oh! no, and the accounting figures prove it (say thank you to the players for that instead of constantly denigrating them like you do), it’s to tell CCP to stop taking us for idiots and cash cows, while manipulating us permanently as they do!

Is that clear enough for you, dear lollipop @Zaera_Keena ?

Ully Loom

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Maybe he want’s to work for free for his boss too while he is at it.

If they made it free to play then no one would buy omega through plex as well so the only income would be skin’s, injector’s and plex for isk ingame and if that happend PA would shut down eve as it would not cover the cost that they bought eve out for.

All dev would go to phone games where the players are a lot dumber and fall for pay to win and stuff.

I don’t mind the prices as they are now if CCP actually brings out content for eve online if months go by and no content then… gg I guess.

Hello again,

Over 17 million characters have been created in New Eden in 19 years. However, just last night, only 19,000 players were connected when I connected; I don’t know exactly when it was, but whatever.

Also, in 2019, perhaps Pearl Abyss would have been better off analyzing all these numbers, rather than betting on a horse that had already gone lame despite us.

Because if CCP continues to ignore its base of players to such an extent, and in particular the long list of comments set in stone under this thread, then yes, Pearl Abyss will have no choice but to close EvE Online at view of the developing competition.

Then it would certainly be a monumental mess. But it would also and above all be a logical end in view of the commercial mismanagement of CCP in progress.

Because with such an inflation of +33%, CCP creates the surprise by definitively entering the book of records in terms of abuse of economic dependence; let her take care not to have to rush into the pantheon of the gods of swindling; that would be really unfortunate.

In the meantime, let’s play some LEGOs to pass the time and try to forget the massacre in progress, because in the event of permanent closure of EvE Online, our brick creations will survive…

And then, let’s take the word CCP, and do it at least for a good cause, because children are counting on us!

Ully Loom

Hmmmm unfortunately i never received one of those emails.

On the bright side, you don’t need the email.
As long as your alt accounts are on the same email address as your main, all alts can select the discounted sub.

That’d work if the community is okay with in-game ads. shudder

Yes, and the gaming market was pushing for one-time purchases/free to play. It’s likely why CCP got rid of their omega only/demo business model and opted for a free to play/premium model like so many other games. I don’t have any data/numbers to back this up but I believe it was the correct move to get more players into EVE and hopefully paying omega subscribers. Why would I subscribe to EVE online were there are so many other subscription products out there? Free to play is what got me in eve. I am not bitter about EVE it’s just a pixel game to me.

YES CCP has changed my play style but I adapted and went on with business. I guess I am just not as emotionally attached to EVE as you are. That and I also am a plexer in EVE so I don’t have $$$ “Invested” in the game. I would just go play Stelleris/Dota 2/Ravenfield and some other space titles I am keeping an eye on if anything happened to EVE. :person_shrugging:

If anyone says they will be fine with that they need to go try 9 dragons first, the game is horendous to play with those adds.

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