When is ccp going to fix null ratting

Nearly every system is under 70% in my region. Ratting income is just a joke. To replace a single ishtar is hours of ratting. Come on ccp keep the ess but get rid of brm!

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CCP does not care, gave up on this game long time ago.
Could you tell me which region you are talking about? I would guess Delve, and I am not being sarcastic.


Drone lands im in Horde. My home system has been 50% for weeks now. I dont do too much ratting even when at 100% because the income is terrible. But 50% is just a piss take. No wonder peeps are leaving the game i done blame them.
Im an indy guy and im so tempted to just sell up and just multi box mine because ccp ■■■■■■ indy too.
Not like mining is any better but its the last half decent income still going.

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Sorry, cannot help you.
I am personally only waiting for release of https://ashesofcreation.com/
and hope I am out of here.
I feel your pain.

You are never more than 6 jumps away from a 115%+ system, and rarely more than 10 jumps from a 175%+ system.

Get off your lazy bum and make your way out to those systems.


Many people play this game to laze off, relax.
Usually after ratting for hours in real world in 50% systems to afford 20 bucks to pay CCP monthly.

Well you people make NS seem like a fun place to live and play. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I personally appreciate the solitude I am experiencing here in nullsec.
The universe at it finest.

Your going to love the coming -45% reduction in rat bounties coming in Aug then.

Sounds fine by me. Release schedule - Ashes of Creation Wiki
Did not want to play Alpha, seems CCP will force me as usually.

some fantasy mmo that will be gone in a year? nope.

Lxq and mj are the only half dencent brm systems and good luck ratting there. Even 150% brm still ■■■■ isk per hour.

Null bear crying is reddit stuff. Are you lost?

Edit: joke guys, complain as much as you like.

Try going to Geminate. All the rats are weak to kinetic damage, the BRMs are way higher, and you’ll get some good fights while you’re out there too. Of course you get less money for sitting in the safest space you can find and playing a pure PvE game.

May actually do that

After years of hope, I see little that CCP is willing to do to fix the game.

Buy a drone instead like I did. My 62 yr old non grey hair is turning blond again from being outside again! :sunglasses:

(no kids, no grey)


Don’t fix what is not broken…


well then come down to cloud ring all our systems are 100% + and the one i rat in is 157% plus loot and salvaging can get an extra couple mill per tick


There is a game mechanic that you can utilize to go back up again where I do carebearing in null its constant 150%, its super secret thou its called stop being an insta docker when enemies go into your space, cowardice is rewarded with low% bounty “risk” modifier.

No risk no reward.

Get your pvp ship ready and fight them and you will be at 150% in no time through your own corpses or theirs.


The short answer is they can’t, because there’s no complementary ISK sink. Things like missions, Incursions, and FW work and are mostly balanced by the fact that you have to sink the ISK via LP store to make the real income. But with Null ratting you’re just blowing generating a pure ISK flow.

What they should have done was added missions to NullSec via a module on a citadel or something IMO.