So we have a new ganking alliance Safety. so please all miners , haulers and mission runners please set them to red .

Was trying to think of something else to say when i came across this ,

The Dance off continues…

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Sounds good!

‘Miners, haulers and mission runners, please set Safety to red!’

Proceeds to yeet all the unsuspecting fleet members to null…


Fixed it for you. They couldn’t even get the name without the dot. Very competent.

I think rebranding was a good choice. Not really feeling the name but glad they are still doing their thing.

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What the hell are you talking about? How does that make them incompetent?

Your. relentless. negativity. befuddles. me.

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Crap name but as above I guess it was intended to be a play on ‘set safety to red’ in the hope that a few poor noobies will do just that and get themselves blown up by Concord.

I hope that’s the excuse anyway.

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They are gankers, preying on the incompetent with easy to use and rudimentary tools. Sounds very dumb to me.

The incompetent have access to the exact same easy to use and rudimentary tools as the gankers, refusing to use them is far dumber.


I can already foresee scores of newbies setting their safety setting to red and getting concorded or flagged 10 seconds later.

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sounds like a good way to learn about the safety settings, not that long ago we didnt have that button and i preferred it to be honest.


This is just another tiresome lie from known Jita scammer Githany aka Erotica Red. Absolute trite nonsense. Safety is actually a carebear antiganking organization, dedicated to ensuring Highsec is a safe space for miners and especially newbros in Ventures. We are opposed to space bully griefers, and will do everything in our power to ensure good triumphs over evil. If you need assistance with Dagan, or just want somebody to help you get through a wormhole, just contact a Safety patrol member. We want to help!

We can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
We can go where we want to
Well, they’re no friends of mine


So now I’m a jita scammer, you have call me so many things in the past I’ll actually look forward to the next one you make up.

Had great fun in Uedama Saturday early evening stopping gank after gank , I’m sure you know that as some of you new dance troop where present.

Any way hope you get some nice action why we are off line that you will tell us about , have a good evening and maybe see you tomorrow.

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It can also be a dangerous move.

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Just want to say that…I think the name “CODE.” is way cooler than this “Safety." (Sounds like a insurance company)

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I will be explaining some of the reasons here:

Aaww you made me famous!


Still a crap name though.

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