[Proposal]Remove Set safety to red in highsec


I’ve just returned to the game and after checking zkill for some mission hub systems , I’ve realized the number of suicide gankings has increased like never before. Keep in mind those are not systems like Uedama or what Niarja used to be. Those are mission hubs and you can check the systems and the adjacent ones surrounding them on zkill to convince yourself (Osmon, Apanake, Lanngisi). Yes those are the ones with Sisters of Eve level 4 agents in them. I wanted to do some missions for that corporation and now it is no longer possible .
Why it isn’t possible ? Looking at zkill I see suicide ganks done just for the pleasure of it. I see losses of ships on zkill there due to suicide ganking that were just fitted with t2 modules. Normally you would do this for the expensive fitted modules, but now the trend is to just gank no matter the drops , gank just for the sake of it, just because you can …
Combine all of this with the suicide ganks of mining barges from all across New Eden and the suicide ganks in trade hubs and trade routes and what do we have ? We have a highsec more dangerous than j-space.
This has badly got out of control (suicide ganks just because it can be done and not for the profit) , there has to be a limit to this !

So please, like the title says . The solution is very simple to implement and fix this problem . Make it so so that you can no longer set safety to red while in highsec space. Leave the option to have it set to green or yellow. The only places where you could set safety to red should be lowsec, nullsec and j-space.

Thank you !


Can I have your stuff?


I am being serious here . If you are not capable of showing some maturity and act as a child , go troll and act like that somewhere else !

This matter is addressed to the CSM . Are you CSM ? No , you are not ! Therefore, post somewhere else please !


No. You lack of understanding of basic design concept of the game.

Ganking is part of the economy. Without risk in hisec there would be no value in content there. also economy would crash.

Only person acting like child is you. Instead of learning basics of avoiding ganks you run crying to forums because someone ganked you. If you would ask for help and explanation how to avoid being ganked in future. People would help you. Now, they only will throw ■■■■ at you. You reap what you sow.


In the last 4 months of play I did a LOT of l4 missions go SOE, I mined in mining barge in HS, I went weekly in Jita and I’ve never been ganked (I don’t count a single death in jita from a war target).

Am I so lucky? I don’t think so.

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I am going to say this for the last time (if you have the ability to understand), don’t waste your time posting here . I am not interested in what you have to say , if you are not CSM . One last time, this is addressed to the CSM!

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Just to clarify some things for you …
First of all you have a problem… You presume that everyone is more stupid than the law can afford .
Second, I don’t need anyone’s help to avoid being ganked . I myself can check zkill , add said groups with terrible standings , check the days and hours when they gank ,the place and ships they use, the numbers, see any patterns there . Scout myself with alts. Watch local and D-scan for combat probes while missioning . Scout the system where the mission is with an alt , before blindly jumping into a hot camped gate, etc. Plenty of ways to avoid getting ganked.
So, stop presuming that everyone is stupid and needs help !

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Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing, though?

You just listed plenty of ways to avoid being ganked. So why does the Red Safety button need removing from high-sec?


You have no right to receive exclusively response from CSM members just because you posted in this forum section, and other players do have the right to post their commentary on the discussion. Like a real assembly hall, this is an open forum - not a personal letter system from you to the CSM. If you want a personal correspondence, please use EVEMail in-game.

Edit to add: not that it actually works how it used to, but if you read the ‘How It Works’ from CCP for this area, you’ll see they are very clear that this is a debate area for players to discuss proposals, and weigh in for/against them, before CSM considers the item to bring before CCP.


Oh but by all means , feel free to post ! But most likely those who follow this will be interested in the input of CSM on this matter and not player x, y or z.

There are a lot of claims in the OP that seem to be based on feels.

Where’s the actual data analysis that proves any of it is actually true?

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I’m still not sure you understand. This forum isn’t for having a dialog with CSM about a proposal. It’s for debating a proposal with your fellow players, which a CSM member can then choose to champion if they feel it represents the interests of a significant portion of the playerbase, and doesn’t go against the interests of their constituents.


If you would have read the original post , you wouldn’t have found yourself asking this.
To stop suicide ganking permanently in highsec !
Why ?
Because the frequency of it in the last 2-3 years has increased exponentially and it is no longer done for profit in most of the cases, it has become a sport , people just do it because they can and pray on the week and ignorant.
Don’t get me wrong , I find it perfectly fine , if someone was stupid enough to undock in a 10 bil fitted Rattlesnake, marauder or Tengu and get suicide ganked.
The problem is when someone undocks a t1 Raven with t2 fit and gets suicide ganked for nothing , same as the t1 empty hauler or withg no valuable loot that gets destroyed in Uedama , just because they an do it and find it to be funny !
It is funny until it isn’t ! This has to stop ! There is a limit in everything !

The data is in zkill . But I am not allowed to post such kill losses in here . But you are too lazy to read and search zkill for said systems and regions. So, before you post do your research …

first off, citation needed.
if you’re just gonna assert something without evidence,I’m gonna dismiss it without evidence.

second, people are just having fun playing a game they want in the way they want it. why are you getting so triggered over someone else’s losses like this?

I am not alowed to post here losses due to suicide ganking from zkill . So do some effort and check those systems that I’ve listed and the adjacent ones on zkill .
You are the second person that asks this and doesn’t bother to follow the post , read the original post or search zkill…

I never asked for specific losses.
You claimed that the FREQUENCY of ganking has increased.
You can give us a chart or a graph showing us that the FREQUENCY of ganking has “increased exponentially.”

You can’t make a claim without evidence and then try to hide behind an irrelevant rule of the forums (posting zkillboard losses to HARASS is not okay, you are 100% allowed to post them on the forums).

In case you try to dodge, i’ll quote you directly:

You can prove this by showing an a chart that shows, for example, 2 ganks in January, 4 in Feb, 8 in March, etc. etc. like you know, actual proof.

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It can! You provided the solutions yourself:

No need for your proposal, it seems.



Ganking is a valid playstyle.

Of course it is still possible! Only your own fear of being ganked is preventing you from doing it.


Firstly, nothing prevents posting killmails on the forum.

Secondly, posting killmails won’t prove the truth of your claims. There is a zkillboard API that provides access to the ESI killmails however that will allow you to actually put some analysis behind your claims.

Thirdly to claim im lazy is beyond idiotic. But ill go do the analysis for your lazy ass and we’ll see whether what you’ve claimed with no proof stands up to scrutiny or you are just another whinging child.