Possible Ganking Solution

Ok I’ve been playing for about 6 years now and I have an idea that may help with the ganking issue.
So in simple terms you have to set your safety to red to be able to gank in hi-sec, there really is no other reason for your safety to be set to red ( please advise if you can think of one) so therefore if the gankers ship also takes on a red hue or pulses red when they set saftey to red then pilots will know as the ships arrive on grid that they are safety red.
This should give you a little extra time to warp off before they land and tackle.
If ships arrive on grid and then change their safety from green/yellow to red then you will see the ship color change and be aware. You could also put in a delay (10secs?) to module activation from green/yellow to red safety switching which would allow players who are not AFK a few more seconds to react and warp off.
I can foresee that the gankers will just stay in safety red mode, so that’s brilliant then as you will know their intent? Eyes on the gate, Red ships just jumped through.
If they switch safety on grid the delay to module activation will assist you to escape (if you are not afk)
What do you reckon?
Could this work?

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Gankers already “pulse red” unless you’re an idiot who doesn’t know how to configure the overview.


In regard to newbies they may not.
This could work for all skill and experience levels without the need to adjust or set anything up?
I use Z-S overview and set known ganker contacts, alliances and corps to bad standing.


Gankers turn criminal after the gank and flashy red on the overview.
This is for before they have ganked. Safety set red = Ship turns red.
Safety is changed from Green/yellow to red = ship turns red and a 10sec delay to module activation.

I’m pretty sure that’s the default setting anyway.

This essentially already happens, based on their (negative) security status. And yes, having a red ship appear in overview does increase visibility and give a slight edge to escape. Especially if you are mining with a bunch of white NPCs into which another white ship just blends.

This color identification also happens at gates, especially in low sec, where the whole “line” for each ship is red, or yellow, when a gate camp is actively ganking. So, your idea (unfortunately) does not add anything new.

On the negative side, there is that whole mechanic based around how someone with negative security can grind back to positive, specifically to avoid being automatically marked red. By making them automatically red, again, but based on safety, surely risks undermining that system?

Finally, there is nothing to stop you doing your own due diligence, finding out who your local gankers are MANUALLY tagging them as “red”. Why does that not work for you?

I do, as I mentiond above. I set known gankers, corps, alliances to bad standing.
This was an idea that could help with minimal adjustment, a kind of default to assist in identifying gankers.
If its red in Hi-sec or turns red in Hi-sec its a ganker?
But I take on your other points and was not aware of this color identifcation in low sec.

Ganking is not a newbie issue.


Actually ganking is a newbie issue.

Is ganking actually an issue, period?

It is what it is, in the context of a sandbox game. I can’t really believe that noobs do not know about it when starting out.


How is ganking a newbie issue? They lack the wallet to fit or move expensive stuff and they lack the skills to fly funky stuff.

Being ganked in your free Venture really isn’t an issue and doesn’t happen very much anyway.


Because when you are not a newbie anymore, you don’t get ganked - or it does not matter.

When all you have is a venture, being ganked in a venture IS an issue.


You get two of them from the career tuts and the total setback is perhaps 1 hour of playing would they actually have to replace it. WOULD it ever happens which as said doesn’t really happen much at all, it’s pretty much a non-issue.

Yeah that’s why people get ganked in 500 mil haulers or billions worth of ships, clearly all newbies. And it still matters given the rage those people generate both on the forums as in game.

The point stands: it’s not an issue for newbies and using “for the newbies” as some sort of reason as to why changes need to be made to ganking is disingenuous.


completely unrelated.

Please try to make posts that are actually on topic.

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It is on topic, you state that anyone who isn’t a newbie doesn’t get ganked. I give examples of people who aren’t newbies who do get ganked. We could look at Zkil’s Ganked list and probably some 90% of them, if not more, won’t be newbies.

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No I did not.

Hence you are making a false quote and off topic.

Ah you’re one of those.


Clearly you have not done much traveling in a Venture, especially in lowsec.

No, you.

Low sec isn’t ganking. In EVE the term ganking specifically, and only, applies to deaths that occur in high sec where the attacker gets concordokened for doing so.

Being killed as a suspect in high sec isn’t ganking, being at war and killed in high sec isn’t ganking. Being outside high sec and killed isn’t ganking.