[Proposal]Remove Set safety to red in highsec

Just by simply looking at zkill on said systems , you can see that suicide ganks happen there daily . Now, I’ve been playing this game for long , years ago , you could see a suicide gank happen in those systems once at a couple of months , not daily . The data is there for you on the table on zkill , just register a char on the page so you can browse more that 10 pages of losses and convince yourself .
I don’t have the time to do this for you. Not going to teaspoon feed you now.

Me ? lol
Nothing is preventing me , I know how to avoid those , it’s for the uninitiated that I’m worried about.

For someone that uses such language, we don’t care about your analysis . Go talk like that to your mom and dad.

So, can I have your spare stockpile of faction, deadspace, officer, etc modules?

Sorry , I only run t2 fits, but go ask in 1-DQ local . I’m pretty sure they have plenty , or TEST space or whatever …

lol. Anyways, your idea is bad for many reasons.

1: If ganking isnt possible then there will be 0 risk associated with hisec pve and people will farm practically infinite resources there at maximum efficiency

2: You insist that ganking has to stop because some people are doing it without a profit incentive, even though you yourself have explained that its easy to avoid ganks. Let the stupid die, that is eve

3: If what you ACTUALLY want is to get rid of the for-sport ganks, perhaps suggest a “rebalance” of ganking instead of its entire removal

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OK… On the matter of:

  1. They do this in nullsec also under the “super umbrella” protection . Almost to 0 risk involved there too , so… this has to be fixed too… ;

  2. I choose to care , everyone is free in choosing ;

  3. I believe there are already a couple of opened topics on this matter, not going to open another one.

1: In nullsec people had to put effort into making that umbrella and its not perfect, plenty of people die mining and krabbing in nullsec.

2: So you care about people who dont or are dumb? Odd choice but sure

3: Yea, probably

“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” -Christopher Hitchens

This is on the same of level conspiracy nutjobs shrieking “do your own research!”


Look it’s not that simple , imagine a new player getting himself his first battleship , he buys it from Jita , t2 fits it , goes to a mission hub , accepts a mission , then undocks and this happens :

Just to give you a few examples…
Where are they being dumb there ? Do you see any DED/officer modules there to worth the gank ? No. This was done just for fun … and lols… and it’s being done way too often.

also tudor:

First off, all those kills are of expensive ships that a newbie would probably not fly

Secondly, 2 of those killmails actually do have bling. Shouldve looked better at your dataset…

Thirdly, if they get ganked on their first time undocking in the ship, they hopefully learn what not to do next time, and should be able to replace their ship if they follow Rule One: Dont fly what you cant afford to lose

I do not know where you see “bling” in there . The Vigilant for example has none, as for the rest some have a module that’s like a 30-40 mil ISk… if you can consider that bling …

1 of them has a Republic Fleet Large Battery, which is bling, albeit not much. Another has a Gist B-Type LSB, which is worth around 170M. THAT is bling. The others were probably done for shits and giggles though, yea. Or potentially some form of personal grudge

Ok, so those had just a little bit of bling and were expensive hulls . But if they are expensive hulls,doesn’t necessary means that the player using them is a veteran…
Then, what do you make of these ? :

…and the list can go on. Probably the used destroyers in those ganks were more expensive than the ganked ship itself. No bling whatsoever, just t2 …

Yea, CODE is weird

Why should the CSM listen to any suggestion that can’t survive player scrutiny and build consensus. They are supposed to represent the interests of the players, not represent the interests of Tudor Toralen.

Anyway, anti-gank threads are going to catch a lot of hostility on the forums. I’m sure you will disagree, but many of us believe that (1) avoiding ganks is not hard, (2) gankers are an important part of the player ecosystem, and (3) the only people who ask for ganking to be nerfed/removed are terrible players who would rather advocate for their opponents to be nerfed/removed entirely from the game than figure out how to get better and grow as players.

I suggest you check out resources on how to avoid getting ganked.

And, it probably wouldn’t be a terrible idea to get some actual experience with ganking before you start suggesting changes.


Ok… First of all I strongly suggest that you read the entire discussion on a forum post before posting . If you would have read what has been posting , you would have found out that I have absolutely no problem in avoiding ganks as I know all of the mechanics involved , all of the resources that the game and outside game tools can give you you avoid being ganked.
This is not a new player you are speaking to, I have been playing this game for so long and have probably more experience that you can dream of , when it comes to what you can do in Eve Online and that includes doing suicide ganks and avoiding them !
Now, on that matter of what you have said:
(1) It is for relatively new players that don’t have the “know-how” and CCP does not do anything about this , they don’t know where to search for information regarding this and certainly CCP ain’t providing it for them;
(2) They are not . You are probably reffering to what others say : " good for the economy " . Well there’s not much they can do about that. The economy is probably f* up beyond repair. This came with skill point inflation at first. A lot of players have gotten into bigger , better ships to print ISK out of nowhere from NPC bounties. To make matters worse, CCP introduced skill injectors , so more SP inflation, that connects dirrectly to ISK inflation , that gives you even more ISK inflation. In 2016 CCP made matters ever worse , they changed the mineral table for nullsec ore at the request of nullsec powerblocks and introduced the drone mining Rorquals . Rorquals which were supposed to be support ships for mining ops , not to mine like an entire fleet of Hulks alone. To put more salt on the wound, CCP gave the powerblocks in nullsec Sotiyos , that basically cut in half the build times of supers and titans.
And here we are today , playing Titans Online and have the economy probably broken beyond repair.
In the last 2 years CCP has made some timid attempts to fix this and most of them are just poorly executed and not for the best . Who benefited from these changes ? Exactly, the nullsec prowerblocks mostly, the already filthy rich in the game . It’s too late now that CCP is trying , they’ve build so many titans and printed so much ISK out of nothing , it just doesn’t matter anymore … And who has to lose from this ? The regular or new Eve player … but this is a discussion to be taken elsewhere.
(3) That is your opinion there;

Lastly, I am not asking here for CSM to represent my interests. I do not know how you have gotten this idea. I am advocating for the innocent that don’t have the knowledge and get suicide ganked for no reason at all , not even for profit . The amount of players that get suicide ganked in highsec just for fun gets bigger and bigger after every year, and believe me I’ve been playing for some good years.

Oh no, l4 mission runners can be exploded. Those poor “new” players.

If you ask me, getting ganked seems one of the best motivators to learn how not to get ganked.


Your approach is barbaric . There’s no need to throw someone into a fire , so that he can learn not to play with it…

Also , here I’m not considering just the mission runners , but also the haulers and miners and any other random stuff that gets suicide ganked for no reason at all , see some of the above linked zkill losses…