Safety setting

I think security status should be automatically reset to “enabled” when you change ships. It makes sense that if for some reason you have lifted safety when flying, say, a cruiser for a combat event, you don’t want to keep safety off when boarding an explo heron or an epithal…
On the EVE support page on safety it says " It is not recommended to disable the ship safety for most gameplay. ". Ship safety, not pilot safety.
For forgetting to restore safety and playfully target painting a fleetmate I recently lost a rattlesnake to Concord (CCP kindly and exceptionally compensated). My fault of course but I still think the safety setting should not be carried over from ship to ship. It doens’t make sense. Lifting safety should be a deliberate choice, not a default.

Set Safety to red.

No, this would cost me more kills. More than once I was not able to tackle because I forgot to set it back after some time of highsec stuff.

Yellow is general a good compromise for high and low, except you are flying logi in lowsec or want to gank / pod. Everywhere else the setting has no meaning anyway.

Don’t let them tell you what to do. You aren’t just some mindless sheep that can’t think for itself—forge your own destiny!

Fight the power!

As far as I’m concerned, that was a bad reimbursement. Hell, even you admitted that it was your mistake. In fact, I’m disappointed in you for even petitioning it.

I’m also opposed to your idea. It’s more clicks every time I reship, all in service of an attempt to idiot proof Eve.

Also, wut the fuk is up with CCP’s reimbursements? I get denied for DC’s on the grounds that they’ll only reimburse if they know that the problem was on their end, and then I hear about them reimbursing ships for things that were clearly player error. And it’s not even like you were a noob in a caracal. You were flying a faction BS.

Rickem frackem. Grumble, grumble.

That is Indeed disappointing and pretty messed up.

Players get disconnected through no fault of their own and don’t get compensated for losses. But you shoot yourself in the foot and CCP give you free stuff?

With regards to safety being remembered for each ship: that actually makes sense to me. I’m really glad that the game remembers which ships I like to ‘keep at’ long range and which ones I like to ‘keep at’ short.

Wut. You never should have been refunded. That’s completely your fault.

Nah, I vote no. It ain’t CCP’s fault you’re too lazy to push a button.

Indeed, always do Princess. Have had the occasional blonde moment though.

I don’t think I have ever once changed my safety from red.

Thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve even touched that button.

I’d be pissed if it was ever turned on.

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