Upwell Structure - Change corp wallet used for usage income / tax

Sorry if this is not the correct area for this, I couldn’t quite find a perfect fit.

Is there a way to change the corp wallet that is credited when someone uses an upwell facility in your structure. Let’s for example say someone used the clone bay at a fee of 500,000 ISK the credit defaults to the corporation Master Wallet, can that be changed?


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Currently all taxes and fees like this go to the master wallet, and you cannot change that.

I would love to see CCP add a function where we can dictate where specific income sources go.

I use the Master Wallet as a catch all for taxes, to help keep track of how much we’re bringing in.
This requires having the other divisions set up, and moving money from the master wallet occasionally.
It works, but it’s a pain in the ass some times.

Hope your post gets some traction!



Excellent response mate. Thanks

This is needed for customs offices as well, where tax also end up in Master wallet.

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