How do corps place money from industry in wallets?


Just wanted to know how corps with an industrial sector usually deposit money that corp members make from selling manufactured goods? I’m in a fairly newish corp and at the moment we just sell our goods via our personal wallets then make a percentage donation to the corp wallet from that sale.

I was wondering if this is the norm or is there a better way to do it where the money goes directly into the corp wallet? The only other way I can think of is to divide a portion of the goods and sell some of them for the the corp and the rest for the individual making the orders.

FYI we have access to wallets and have the ‘Trader’ role.



There isn’t a good way. You could do a Corp buy of the goods and sell for a bit of mark up. But the corps not goring to get rich from it. You could do from pi gantries or even a market hub but it would be difficult to make a profit from them and put you and your assists at pvp risk. Mostly small corps don’t make much of a profit the real assist is the players.

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