What are basic corp rules?

I was wondering if there’s any advice on how to organize a corp so that it functions well, earns a revenue but benefits all its members and encourages trust?

For instance how does a corp make isk/things? And how does it distribute it?

That would really depend on what the goal of your corporation is.

Most corporations make their isk by player donations. The Corporation taxes are nice, but they’re rarely enough to really get solid investments into any infrastructures. Unless you’re one of those massive corporations with several hundreds of characters active around the clock, your 10% NPC Bounty taxes won’t amount to anything meaningful.

You distribute it based one however you see fit as the corporation’s CEO. Some like to use it for their Ship Replacement Programs, other use it to buy Fuel Blocks to fuel their structure services, others still use it to fund other programs, buybacks, etc. All of that depends on what your goals are.

There is no “one” way to organize a corporation.

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My alliance owns a local trade hub our area. We stock the market and the broker fees of the sales go to our executor corp = ISK is earned.
The better our market, the more people come to shop, more sales, more fees, more everything.

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I can help you in that if interested mail me ingame

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I didnt expect there to be one way fits all. Your reply is a pretty awesome initial starting point which is the revenue factor.

I guess step one was answered. Taxes wont be a meaningful revenue stream meaning only player donations are…

That’s an awesome model. Is the hub wardec “proof” or any of those considerations mostly out of my scope?

Or is it a high risk needing tooth-and-nail defense?

Out of scope if you can’t call yourself part of a coalition that musters a couple thousand people over all timezones. Out of scope if you don’t have a cyno-network prepared to import multiple jumpfreigther loads of goods per week. Out of scope if you are not on friendly terms with the alliance owning all the space and will come to defend when someone declares war on you.

It’s nullsec entities that own the highsec trade-hub in Perimeter. They are the ones that can bring the numbers to defend it when they get challenged. Some have tried. The only thing that’s left of these attempts are killmails.

It’s easier to join a group and become a valuable part of it than to build everything your own. There are organizations and relationships that have been built over years. You can try to carve your own path, but it will be a hard one.
And keep in mind that not everyone that will join your corp will do so with honorable intent.

Yes. But in was more interested in if people just didnt attack your trade hub because it was well stocked and convenient.

Sorta like no one hits the convenience-mart in a bad neighborhood corner because then all the gangs are mad at you they cant get their 40s and swishers for blunts.

That kind of thing might happen in lowsec.
If you can offer a good market on a freeport for all the pirates out there, that might work. For a while. But it’s unlikely you will have enough customers to make it worth the effort.

I think also the lack of true consequence in a game allows for far more griefing.

At least in real life when you get your fingernails pulled you are probably not going to do that again…

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