Corporation Accounting Drama

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Our corporation has multiple Upwell Structures of the same type in differing locations. However, the Master Wallet division only shows a generic line item and there is no way, to my knowledge, to determine which structures are worthwhile to keep online. In as much as there is no way to determine which reprocessing or which industrial facility tax/fee (or office rental fee, etc) for corporation Upwell Structures a particular transaction is coming from. Does anyone else know of a way to determine the profitability of each structure?

Is this in the development pipeline? How is a corporation supposed to determine if it is worth keeping online when you have multiple?

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Isn’t there a log for each location show what that particular structure is doing?

In the Wallet?

Under Necom, look under industry, and you’ll see a mining ledger, if you own a structure, all info about that should be in there as well.

well thats if they for mining…
see if this article helps.

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Thank you, but it isn’t the mining ledger that is the issue, it is the reprocessing fees or industry facility taxes that show up in the corp master wallet division.

did you follow the link and look at structure browser??

Yes, it wasn’t relevant

Has anyone else come across this issue or have any thoughts? Thanks!

Anyone? Anyone at all? :pleading_face:

Create separate profiles for each structure, and set services to slightly different prices.

Will let you see which structures are being used.

When the OP solves their own problem with their own complaint…

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This doesn’t work for me - there is no % difference that shows on the corp wallet line that would enable me to know from where the service took place.

Can you elaborate since I am particularly dense this morning?


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