Plex Vaults? - Account Wallets!

The ability to create separate wallets much like corp wallets has been asked for many times.

I’d love to see that taken a step further. Create an account wallet, just like the plex vault. Within said account wallet, you could:

  • Create wallets, and assign view settings (I’d say permissions, but they’d all be deposit/withdraw, just able to be hidden on pilots that don’t really need to see it)
  • Manipulate funds in any of the wallets from any character.

By default, each character would have a wallet on the account, and there’d be a master wallet. The only thing you could do from a master wallet is transfer funds to other wallets in the account. No contracts, no market orders, no “give money”'s.

Why? Simple. When I want to move funds around, I don’t want to have to log onto one account, see I don’t have funds, log onto my bank/market alt to transfer funds, log back onto the original account. Or visa versa. I have a decent chunk of liquid isk on my main, my market alt is up to his eyeballs in margin. I wanted to place a buy order on my market alt, who presently has no money.

Which meant logging back off the alt onto the main, transfer funds, off and back onto alt. When I could have just dragged the money over.


I’d also see this multi-wallet feature extended into the current plex vault.

For example, the ability to create separate plex folders for gametime, market trading, reserve, NES. This is small compared to the isk wallets, just the same, it would be useful.

What’s wrong with drawing out those PLEX and storing them in containers? Label one of them “Gametime” and only empty it when you’re buying Omega. Label another “Reserve” and tuck it under your mattress. If you want to get really creative, you can get a ton of the Small cans, and label each one “1 month” and only put 500 in it. Then you don’t even need to be in the station to Repack it remotely and make the PLEX accessible.

As for sharing stuff between yourself and your Alts… Why not “recruit” yourself on a 2nd account, so you can log both your “main” and your market alt in at the same time?

I’m ok with personal wallet divisions but not with alts.

Agree completely. Unless you join the same Corp or something, there is nothing tying one character to another. As far as the universe is concerned, they’re total strangers.

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Shrug, you wanna make a spy, make it on an alt account or use a plex to move it to a different account. It’d be easy to make “visible” wallets show up on API calls, and “not visible” wallets not show up on API calls. It’d also be easy to make divisions owned by a specific pilot, and only show up on the owned pilot’s API calls.

Not like the can’t correlate journal entries between two pilots already. Pilot1 has a withdraw of 5m isk at the same time that Pilot2 had a deposit of 5m isk. Different occasion, pilot1 had a withdraw of 6m, pilot2 had a deposit of 6m. Coincidence?! I THINK NOT! Ahem.

While I can appreciate anonymity and the fact that pilots are “strangers”, there’s really no good reason to design around that concept, except spying. Which, I certainly don’t object to it strongly but I do feel it kind of ruins the fun. Sandbox being what it is, it’s certainly legitimate… just… kind of a buzzkill to me. Like skipping to the last 30 mins of a movie before watching the whole movie.

Or simply remove the mentioned master wallet from the equation, and allow the manipulation of wallets/wallet divisions of all three pilots - a quick “transfer funds” if you will. If you want anonymity, you simply avoid dragging isk between those accounts (where currently you simply avoid sending isk while logged onto that account).

Meh, I guess at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. Sure account vaults.

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