Wallet division and voluntary taxation

Yes yes I know I can make my own private corp and set the tax to whatever I want…

But Eve is a multiplayer game and I would like to play with other people and be in a corp with other people.

So I’d love to see the ability to increase your own taxes completely under your own control.

Corp has 0% tax, but you want to contribute without everyone suddenly getting a tax?
Set your personal tax to 2%.
Running low on cash or saving for something special? reduce it to 0% again.

Obviously this would only allow increasing of your taxes above what the corp has set.

On a similar note, I would love to see personal wallet divisions. This would allow us to set aside money for specific goals or activities without going through the hassle of sending it to an alt and having to login to that alt to retrieve it.
Being able to set a tax per division in your own wallet would be the cherry on top.

If I can call my bank in real life and setup a new account and have a monthly deposit from another of my accounts why can’t i do that in game? Taxation would just be a different way to do the same, but a way to setup a monthly deposit would also work well.

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Why not send ‘X’% of your wallet to the corp once every month (or maybe just of the difference between what your wallet was the prior month so only the additional earnings during the month but not the entire wallet)?

This would be basically the same and you wouldn’t be required to keep track of earnings, just how much you’ve earned since last time (or if you want to you can base it on your entire wallet amount).

This would also make you see how much you’ve earned since last time and easily decide how much exactly of that you’d like to contribute instead of having to adjust the extra tax value probably more often and maybe only realize you’d wanted it adjusted too late, while with this method you have the experience of an entire month (and better foresight as a result as well) to decide how much you’d actually feel like contributing as extra (and can afford to).

If you want to be consistent you can decide a specific date (first days of the month or sometimes in the middle) and keep doing it on the same day (with a few days deviation at most) to have an accurate measure of your monthly income.

Or can do it whenever each month though then it will be less accurate.

Of course you can do it more or less often as well and the same as above can do it consistently for better tracking or more sporadically.

Just an idea though but seems reasonable.

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yea, that works as well, though it would be nice if I could automate it like I can in a real bank.

Why do people want to “automate” the game more and more? What happened to “making decisions”? Just send the corp a billion ISK once in a while if you feel like it or ask your CEO if he has a nice corp project you could fund/support. You know, talking to people, making plans together, participating in progress through joint efforts… Isn’t that what it’s meant to be in a corp, instead of everyone just doing his own stuff and paying some tax into a wallet?

How about no, especially with corps that have SRP. what makes you so entitled that you get to choose not being part of the team.

I think you should re-read that OP. :thinking:

So I’m entitled because I want the option to pay more tax??

Probably just misread your OP, that’s why I’ve suggested to him to re-read it. I guess for some reason he read it as you wanting to opt out of corp tax or pay less. Not sure how though, seemed pretty clear to me what you’ve meant.

I’m not sure the dev labor for a feature that would be used by a single digit number of people in the entire game is really worth it.

This is a game about space greed, and you’re wanting to may more? This doesn’t compute… :exploding_head: