🔴 Log Off to Character Selection screen implemented

I thought this was impossible. What else can CCP do that they aren’t admitting?

They say there are deep veins of unexplored code, where throngs of stackless pythons slither unchallenged through the narrow tunnels. Some ancient code paths cut straight across the boundary interface between game client and launcher; a wild and chaotic realm, and long thought to be a nesting ground for the python queen.

From time to time, a programmer ventures down there to quest for QoL improvements. Few return unscathed.


Python for the Python god.


Occasionally, while in the stacks, they find abandoned collections of janitors, exotic dancers, and civilian mining lasers.

–Gadget should really clean up her hanger…

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Maybe that was it.

I started playing just before rigs were implemented. So … early '06.
It’s been a while.




Just remember - anything that gets implemented that you like, it was all my idea.

Everything that gets implemented that you hate, that was Vily.


Mike was on the other thread advocating for cloaking nerds. I am already regretting my voting choices.

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So, static tool-tips any day now?

He’s a carebear who doesn’t have the faintest ideas on ship, fits or combat. What did you expect? Just because he’s a friendly and helpful guy doesn’t mean he’s right for the job, whatever the CSM job is.

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I thought he would stay in his lane. He seems earnest and dedicated to player retention.

It did not exist when my oldest clone was created 6-30-2003.

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just FYI fitting simulation get’s borked if you use that feature to switch characters, require full client reboot to fix.

If you have not already, could you be so kind as to submit a bug report about this?

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File a bug

I did as soon as I have found out (Yesterday). The post was meant as a forewarning for other players :slight_smile:

shhh it gives you an advantage

Nope, waaaay back well before any launcher the client would return you to the character selection page. It was right back at the start of eve but it WAS possible.

So you’re talking what, 2003?

Because I know it’s not been possible for over a decade. It’s not something which went away with the launcher.

I’m pretty sure it’s the Mandela effect in action that has people remembering it used to be possible.

Is someone complaining the feature didn’t exist back in 2005

Over a decade? Yes probably, just 2003? no. It was definitely after that, 2005 at the earliest it was taken away, mayebe up to 2007.

If you hit the “E” top right of the launcher then click server list then hit “Play on TQ” or “Play on SISI” you get the old logon page from before the launcher. That is how the client used to start.

Put in your ID and password and that would give you the character selection, when you wanted to log off / change character you would come back to the character selection screen and then have to close that when you were done for your session / day.

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I started in 2011, and had multiple characters. I know how it was not to use the launcher :slight_smile:

As per my linked forum post (which was an edit, a short time before you posted your reply. So it’s easily possible you didn’t see it) it wasn’t there in 2005. Someone did mention it having existed before, but being buggy and then removed.

So it looks like I was wrong about that. Of course, many of the people claiming it used to exist aren’t 15 year vets :wink: