EvE's Learning Curve

So since we can have fancy new pictures on this forum, and we just had a new pve system, agency, and they have been updating the New Player Experience, plus ALPHA CLONES and nuPlex… last and perhaps most important to the curve… Skill INJECTERS

Has this changed? Is eve still grimdark and deathly hard?

Is it easy now?

What does EvEs Learning Curve look like NOW??


It’s gotten worse if anything. Back in 2003, people didn’t abuse newbies as much as they do now.

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I’d say the first grid square at the bottom left may have flattened out a bit because of the NPE. but really it only teaches you the VERY basics. i’ve been helping a new player through his first few days in eve recently, and the amount that the NPE doesn’t teach you is staggering. but most of it a veteran wouldn’t even notice because we take so much of it for granted. A prime example, just the other day he figured out that you can decycle your guns in order to change targets. before then he had just been shooting at each rat until it was dead and moving on to the next one (what the NPE teaches you).
It had never even occurred to me to explain that part to him because its second nature now.

The rest of the curve I think is still accurate, if anything it might be even worse now in some ways. There are more ships, many more valid meta’s, (as opposed to “just fly a rifter, you don’t need anything else”) more options available to newer players, and with those options more things to learn sooner in order to make educated choices.

Skill injectors haven’t helped the situation much anyways. skill points have never been the important thing when it comes to learning the game, but it can seem that way for a new player. before injectors you had no choice but to take your time training into a ship, and presumably, by the time you could fly something, you would have enough actual experience to not make a total mess of things (yes you still had the character bazaar, but its a lot easier to just buy 1 injector than to buy a whole character)
now though, you can take a day old player with a credit card and sit them in a carrier with no idea what a cyno even is.


Back in 2003, all of you were newbies :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not quite. I think I was beta testing Eve for a while before it went live, so not all were newbies.

Those who beta-tested Eve knew exactly what to do when the game went live. And I do recall a whine thread about it because some felt it was unfair that beta testers knew more. They saw it as unfair advantage.

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15 years later and we still sometimes have no clue what were doing XD


Probably. And within a week, the first “Eve is dying” thread popped up.

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lol !

If you have a URL for that very first post I would be grateful.

Now that ccp doesnt own eve anymore and they deleted wardecs and Pearl Abyss is catering to WoW kids this may need updated

CCP owns EVE. Pearl Abyss Owns CCP. There is a difference.

If I just bought my dog and my dog came with a collar she always wore.

That collar is mine now just like the bitch is to

Lucas Films “owns” Star Wars.

Disney bought Lucas Films.


As @Mintoko pointed out, The investors did not own EVE. CCP owns EVE. Wouldn’t matter if Pearl Abyss bought CCP or not, CCP still owns EVE and has full control.

Is this the time-capsule thread?
There was an over-a-year jump between posts.

Hell, I’ll play along.


This is Gadget writing from the past!
Is EvE dead yet, or still dying?

How much is a PLEX?

–Past Gadget

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