Moving between toons on one acocunt

I have often found it strange that one can not log back to the character selection screen to switch to another character on the same account. I suppose with so many people using only one character per account, but multiple accounts, this function is probably regarded as unnecessary… Your comments?

It does seem like an oversight made during the early coding of the game, but it is what we have. Reportedly, CCP devs estimated it would take a whole dev team six months to re-write the code to allow character switching, and it just isn’t worth it to save a few seconds here and there. So while it would be nice, it probably is ‘unnecessary’ as you say so is something we are likely to never see.


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Actually back in the mists of time this is how it used to work (log out to character selection). CCP deliberately changed away from that to what we have now.

I wonder why?

Maybe there was some bug they were trying to track down and they just gave up and decided to force the user to exit completely.


Thankfully game is not memory heavy and loads rather fast, so switching characters is not taking long.

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