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Your analogy relates a situation of linear complexity. You can’t even come up with an exponential growth situation to make your point?

But even if you had done so, I doubt it would be relevant. A mechanic to switch characters without relogging shouldn’t need more time than that needed to log in from scratch does now. Unless you want to claim switching characters is an inherently harder problem than logging in to the server from scratch? (please remember character selection is part of this login process…)

Basically, switching characters given 30k people is an inherently easier problem than logging in to the same server from scratch, in terms of computational complexity.

But again, this does not mean that the change would be easy to make given the game’s code architecture. I am not, and have not made that claim. It’s obviously not worth it if it requires thousands of man hours and will likely introduce many unforeseen bugs due to major changes to the game’s architecture.

This has been given an answer to by CCP several times. If I remember correctly, the server assumes that the character-ID doesn’t change during a session. Rewriting the code to allow that would take some time and the return on that work is not seen as being worth it.

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pa owns 100% of ccp, pa owns ALL ccp assets, that includes eve… so yes eve IS the property of PA

I higly doubt it is not encrypted. At least for the API it clearly is, so why would it not be encrypted for the client?

There actually used to be a logout button, but all it ever did was just restarting the client. When people asked about why they removed it when they did the new launcher the answer was that the EVE client was built in a way that would not allow it to load a second character without some major overhaul and that the benefits are too small for the massive effort it would take. I think it was even in some CSM minutes where this was asked.

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Well first the API need don’t talk directly to the game server itself because this would be stupid, the way to do it is to use a middleware service able to pull data directly from the database, that way you don’t add unnecessary load on the game cluster. this would still add load to the database but it can be managed or given a lower priority.

anyways I was curious… as I said I’m not a specialist in how TQ works I’m just piecing things together using some of my experience dealing with some stuff like these (including games) when I worked at a specific datacenter that shall remain nameless… So I captured some packets from my client and yes there is encryption during the client login process but it uses 3DES_SHA1, probably is the legacy authentication processes from the early days before the launcher was introduced just modified to use auth tokens instead… The thing is that 3DES is obsolete AF and is too weak to be used as a auth process, it is only good for one-time key exchanges like this one or like a VPN phase one process.

Well that doesn’t sound too bad. AFAIK 3DES was only removed in the most recent TLS specification and not because it was broken, that was just a couple months ago.

The reason in the early days was to stop people logging out by forcing a second character to log in. Almost instantly causing your character in game to log out even if it had a log out timer on it.

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