Account characters swap without going through launcher each time

I hope this is the right place to post this.

To swap between characters on the same account, the process today is the following (let’s consider I have an account with 3 characters C1, C2, C3) :

  1. Once the launcher is up, I click on the button to the left of the account name to log in / launch my session.
  2. In the session window, I have then to choose which one of the character I am willing to use i.e. C1, or C2 or C3. Let’s say C2.
  3. Once done I can start playing, great.
  4. Now I want to swap to C3 …
  5. I first have to log off and …
  6. then restart the process from 1 and choose C3 in the new session window

Would it be possible to swap between the characters of one account without having to disconnect / log off and relaunch the said account to select the other character we are willing to use. Also if the all process could take place in the already open session window that would be great …

I won’t die if it does not change but I believe it would be a nice, smooth and significant improvement for every one.




People have asked for this. Unfortunately, Eve was written with some very sloppy memory management, so the only way variables get cleared is for the client to be completely closed, so that the operating system unallocates the memory.

CCP has gone so far as to say that it would take a “team” six months to clean up the memory management issues to allow for characters to be swapped without closing the client. I think this time estimate of six months is a bit disappointing and shows that CCP is not in a development mindset anymore.

Your request is not going to happen anytime soon.

Another one really???

It would take 5 programmers 6 months of work to save you 10 seconds.
The server has the “belief” that the ID is never going to change. So therefore, each character log in, has its own “token” another character on the same account cannot use that same token.

the only other option i have for you, is to create 2 new accounts, and transfer C2 and C3 over to those individual accounts.

Yes, why not?

Maybe he doesn’t have time or can be bothered to look through thousands of posts to see if someone has brought it up before. (can’t fault him)

Besides, I think that CCP’s response that it would take too long is a piss poor excuse. This is the only game I play where I have to close the client to switch characters. BTW, two of those games are older than EVE.

@Xeux thank you for your answer. :+1:

This is one of the few topics on the forums that motivates the players to passionately defend CCP’s position.


As for the “another one really???” very productive and efficient statement …

Regarding “save you 10 seconds” I guess you did no read correctly my post as I did not mention a time issue anywhere. Why so ? Because I don’t care at all about the times it takes. The process in itself is just bothering, that’s all.

Part of this, thanks for taking the time to answer and the options suggested. I already have 4 accounts so 12 characters (but obviously you could not know …)

I see :slight_smile:

@Drago_Shouna, thanks

One upvote for this.

LIke 2 days before this one, another salty person brought it up.

@Aarkius_Zarkius As I mentioned, the original Code doesn’t “think” that someone will log out to use another character. My first statement about the time is how long CCP says it would take to allow someone to transfer from one character to another without having to fully log out.

Just in general , CODE. does not “think” anyhow. It’s not a property. You can’t be CODE. and expected to have a proper discussion at the same time.

I think what you meant is, devs did not think this situation when coding the game, and as such the game is coded in a way that assumes such a situation won’t ever happen.

I think this is a good idea. I have 4 active omega accounts and it would be super nice to be able to easily switch between my characters without having to completely close the client. There should be some way to go back to the character selection screen.