Problems when selecting characters - Minor Bug

So today is the 28th of May and new patch came out. Its normal for in the first week of the patch to have some minor issues and thats why I want to report one. I dont know if anyone else is having this but I had it on multiple accounts.

After starting the game when character selection screen comes up I am having hard time selecting my toons. I must click like 15 times or click once and wait 20 seconds then selection is confirmed and I hear the voice “connecting” surely this is a first day patch bug and devs will fix it soon. Cause yesterday selecting characters was instant today its kinda problematic.

Just letting you know thats all…

If this is the wrong place to post this thing I will be glad if modarators move it to correct section. I looked the forums and thought that this section is the right one.

IN a word it is LAG. horrible lag. once in game something as basic as joining fleet took 3 minutes per character. pretty much unplayable atm.

Patch day is a good day to try to catch up on your single-player Steam sale backlog.

Yeah I know issues like this can happen in patch day surely will be fixed soon.

Dont get me wrong I am not ranting etc I am just reporting the bug thats all its all cool…

…same problem here…

Good to hear that I am not the sole person who has this issue. :smiley:

Dido - If I pick a toon, then go the New Eden store, it will say ‘connecting,’ but when you exit the store, you’re still at the toon screen.

Same here cant select any toon :confused:

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