Several laggy stuffs

After today’s expansion release, I am experiencing three major things.

  1. After launch the client from the EVE Launcher, the character selection is taken so long. (This issue is already reported from

  2. Once successfully log into the game, if I click someone’s character profile then the corporation information is not displaying or it will appear a minute later.

  3. When I go to the Fleet Finder, the fleet list is not displayed for mostly 10-20 seconds. And one more thing regarding this one is that when I try to join the fleet, the fleet invitation window popup is not pops right on time. There is a delay about 10-20 seconds again.

So far, I think these issues are coming from sort of laggy but I hope CCP will fix this issue in real soon :wink:

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

+1 only since todays patch

Decided to add my bug in this thread because it is some form of lag, but was noticed a week or two before the latest release.

When in combat and cycling guns (firing at enemy), my weapons continue to cycle through partway (outside cycling green indicator) even if the enemy was destroyed. This means that there is a delay before a new target can be engaged, reducing my ROF and damage dealt over time. Since I was using hybrids, the damage should be instantaneous with the ship kill stopping the cycling after only one cicumfrential trip around the weapon icon. It varies from normal, to up to 60%+ increase of next cycle. Since the weapons were stacked together, there shouldn’t have been a chance for alternate gun stacks to create this effect.

This has really begun to be more noticable and common in the last week.

My issues have resolved themselves I guess was just some server lag/issue

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