Unable to reorder accounts

(Anastasia Zuminov) #1

Following one of the recent updates I appear to have lost the ability to reorder my accounts in the launcher…
Occasionally it works, however most of the time, hovering over any of my logged-in accounts shows the drag/hand cursor but clicking and dragging does nothing.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what’s the fix? (assuming there is one!)

(Rivr Luzade) #2

It still works but you need to hold the click a bit longer than previously to enable the moving of accounts. Looks like it too many people complained because they are not competent enough to click their mouse buttons properly and accidentally dragged accounts around.

(Anastasia Zuminov) #3

Ah, thanks @Rivr_Luzade!
There was me thinking that this was poor UX design and it’s actually “working as intended”

(Munted Happenstance) #4

I was just about to create a thread here asking the same question so thanks for the answer @Rivr_Luzade

(Captain C0ld) #5

Good thing I saw this thread.

(system) #6

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