Devblog: New Launcher Changes Coming!


(CCP Rubik) #21

This is by design. If you want to read more news items you are welcome to click the News link in the top navigation that will open up our news page in you default browser

(ISD Sakimura) #22

Perhaps it’s something you could write behind your ears as possible addition to the launcher’s functionality for future iteration/updates :wink:

(Doctor Awox) #23

I strongly agree, being able to rename accounts in the launcher would be great.

(ISD Sakimura) #24

you chose the account name when you created it, if you have that many accounts you can always create a Launch Group with you desired name

(Arisha Moon) #25

will eve run now in X64 achitekture?

(ISD Sakimura) #26

No, 64bit client has not been released yet.

(Arisha Moon) #27

also the " new" launcher will still run in x86?

(Archer en Tilavine) #28

@CCP_Falcon Some of us have a ■■■■-load of accounts but can’t always remember which character is on which account. Perhaps you could also make is so when you click an account a little drop down appears with the names and portraits of the characters (along with their corp/alliance/location/current ship) on that account? I know this will only benefit a minority of players, but surely it will benefit more players than Flag Cruisers… and you did make THAT a thing. Obviously we can get this information from logging into the account, but the log in process is lengthy and logging into multiple instances just to locate a character can be slow and hardware intensive.

(Adalwulf Krishnack) #29

please allow us to acess the current groups without having to click on the “launch groups” button, maybe a simple toggle to replace the accounts in the launcher with the groups, and have the accounts inside those groups (being an expandable item). Whichever way just please make it so that you can launch a group from the “home” screen with a single click instead of going thru the button dropdown. As it stands now to launch a group you have to click the launch groups button then find the group you want between many in a dropdown and only then you can click it and launch it(and that dropdown doesn’t allow you to edit those groups, for that you need to navigate to yet another menu), and if you wish to launch more than one group then multiply that by n given that the dropdown minimizes once a group is launched, if they were an item by themselves like the accounts all that would be solved and the experience greatly improved.


so why do we need changes to the launcher? everytime you guys change stuff on launcher it us the players cant log on, why fix things that are not broken? another day wasted when this launcher update great

(Ilvari) #31

Will this finally fix the “Incompatible Build” issue when launching the game?

(CCP Claymore) #32

This should be fixed, as should the “Encountered error when refreshing token” issue.

(Arrendis) #33

One of the issues that comes up most frequently about EVE news items is that most players never see the majority of them—they’re only delivered once, on the launcher, and never presented inside the client. Most players never go to the news website. Now you’re making them harder to get to through the launcher.

This works against your interests, like promoting SKINs and in-game Agency events. Please consider that.

(Ive DeHolder) #34

Is it just me? CCP has so many construction sites but time for a new launcher? How many game breaks do I have to do? Everywhere boredom, unnerved teammates, corps die in a row and then this always while empty space. Where is the innovative development? For what else do you need money when there is no point in playing EVE !?

(Arrendis) #35

You do realize that different people in CCP have different jobs, right? That the guys working on the launcher aren’t the guys working on in-game features, or even the 2 guys working on game balance in their spare time?

(CCP Explorer) #36

A 64 bit EVE Launcher and Client is a separate project.

(CCP Explorer) #37

The Windows Launcher will still be 32 bit and the Mac Launcher will still be 64 bit; the 64 bit project (Windows Launcher and EVE Client) is separate from these changes here.

(Arline Kley) #38

No option of hiding those rather large adverts, or at least having an option to display in-game EVE News instead of them?

(Jaxon Grylls) #39

Yes, I quite agree. It’s a bit like fiddling while Rome burns.

Linux users might agree that the launcher is turning into something akin to systemd. There the idea was to improve on the old sysvinit. Instead mission creep took hold and systemd morphed into a pseudo operating system in its own right. Years ago when I first started playing EVE getting the game up and running was trivial. Now it takes forever and as CCP Falcon indirectly indicates the complexity has led to ways for the launcher to crash. That’s not what is needed.

Speaking for myself I still wonder what was wrong with exefile.exe. It did the job and got out of the way just like a good utility should. Oh, finally the new offering looks like an advertising hoarding, Maybe that’s the reason for all the changes.

(Rivr Luzade) #40

Launcher? I am sure you mistyped Ad Billboard here. You should fix that typo immediately.

Funny to see, though, that you follow through with the money grab plan. Using EVE plays a less and less important role for CCP, 25% judging by that launcher. 75% of CCP’s attention is just on grabbing money out of our wallets for no good service. At least you make that clear now.

Does this new ad billboard at least automatically update the client when a patch is issued or do we still have to close the launcher to trigger the update process?

Will we finally get rid of that stupid Friendship rubbish and instead see important information like login issues on the launcher instead of having to open the forum manually to check what’s going on? Additional benefit: Falcon would not have to close and merge as many topics when these issues occur. I am sure he can use that freed up time very productively elsewhere. :roll_eyes: