Devblog: New Launcher Changes Coming!


(Brok Kalen) #41

Will it patch without requiring restart?

Can I resize the window to hide all the ads?

(CCP Avalon) #42

Yes, adverts will be taller to fit in with the theme (as tall as the articles) but majority of the content available in the launcher right now are articles (news, dev-blogs, and patch notes from

(Arline Kley) #43

You missed the point.

I don’t want those ads. I would like an option for them not to be there.


but it feels like the same people because all the screw ups it may as well be the same people

(Maja Chou) #45

pls add this option! just other profile settings possible if choose an other group! the profiles are allready there its only a little bit work (yes i know how crazy and oldscool because legacy wise grown the profile settings are handled on order/filebase in the datasystem

(CampoV) #46

Launch Groups is a great idea.

Would prefer the ability to choose launcher layout like the current launcher so that we can have our client list on the right instead of the left.

(Dyonovan Takaan) #47

I haven’t seen any mention of it so if it has I apologize.

One of the things that is missing from the Eve launcher that no other launcher to my knowledge does, it make you log out and log back in to update.

Every other launcher automatically applies updates as they happen. For Eve, you have no notification about there being an update until you actually launch eve. There should be some sort of push mechanism, even if its just a check every so often, and automatically update Eve.

(Rivr Luzade) #48

I disagree. The first 4 “news” on the old launcher are 3 ads and 1 dev blog, plus the ad scroll below the news feed. If I scroll down one page, I see 2 ads and 3 various news. Just because something is on the articles does not mean they are not ads. Articles about skins are ads. Saying something else is disingenuous.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #49

would be cool to have only one settings part in the final launcher
atm its 2 …

beta looks good … thanks


(xHjfx) #50

I was just about to mention this - it’s pretty horrific that a restart is required to update the game - it was kinda excusable when the Launcher was early but it’s been so long for such a basic feature.

Can we get a button for “Check client and update” or Refresh so it patches the client without having to keep relaunching the launcher?

(Nuke Michael) #51

Have none of you actually read the devblog?

The one where it explicitly states that the bug causing you to need to restart to update was fixed?

(Matterall) #52

This work on MAC too?

(Avalon Ranger) #53

Other than the blue bar there doesn’t appear to be a way to check download speed or patch size or ETA for patching. Some people have data caps to worry about and providing the information ahead of time would be nice.

(Blade Darth) #54

Doesn’t look too ergonomic. Launchers primary function is to e… launch, this is 70% advert with launcher slapped onto it.


  • accounts and launch button on the right side, so they are clustered together with window controls (exit, minimize): reduces mouse travel and misclicks (on the news/ blog/ ads)
  • rotating news thumbnail (like the current one), but way bigger so it’s easier to read

(Zariss Slaanesha) #55

Yes, but many years later you may have other toons on the same account. It would be handy to make a quick note about who is each account.

(Foggy Bernstein) #56

I don’t see an ad blocker setting.

Can you at least squish all the ad crap into nothingness?

(Knighthood ABC) #57

That great ! Much perfect !

(Fluffy Moe) #58

The current launcher has its issues and prevent many people from playing / enjoying the game. Those issues do need to be worked out. They do not happen often, but when they do, you can’t play at all since you often can’t launch. So they are important.

For myself, while not experiencing any launcher issues at the moment, I did about a year ago or so for quite a few months and it sucked hard monkey balls, therefore I can certainly understand and sympathize with anyone affected by them. And likewise I understand why the devs devote time to it.

In addition, while unlikely, if they do things right (unfortunately unlikely cause they’re bad at planning and implimenting those plans), certain modifications and redesigns to the launcher may provide them with more tools, ways and data collection used in fighting bots.

(xHjfx) #59

I did miss this admittedly (lack of sleep today) but I’d still prefer a button to force the process in the event that their fix actually fails to fix the issue which isn’t outside the realm of possibilities.

Especially considering the time it’s taken to fix this defect…

(Dominous Nolen) #60

Guess i know what i’m enabling tonight.