Devblog: New Launcher Changes Coming!



we were told that they had fix the chat issues but we still get the problem so I don’t put much faith in them telling us that it fixed

(Peter Yurgin) #62

Will these accounts still log in the default launch group when I open up the launcher? I like that feature.

(Leah Crowleymass) #63

Since the question about whether the launcher will update without a relaunch has been asked a surprising number of times on this thread, here is the relevant section from the Dev Blog:

There will also be a handful of defect fixes with the update, including a fix for the defect where the launcher does not update without a restart. After the update, the launcher should update to the latest deployed client without any need to restart.

Also, many thanks to the devs who not only worked on this but are taking the time to engage here and discuss it with us. We appreciate you all being here and all your efforts.

(CCP Cemetery) #64

TLDR: This is fixed and is mentioned in the blog.

The launcher will now prompt for an update rather than allow users to try and connect to TQ with an incompatible build and error. That said you can always chose the remember my accounts option so you need not login each time you restart or refresh the launcher.

(Jason Kusion) #65

When the current launcher first released we were able to Shift-Click to select/de-select multiple accounts, but it broke a while back. Any chance this feature will be returning with the new new launcher?

(Circumstantial Evidence) #66

Please add the option to see the “feed” of in-character World News, if it’s not there already.

I agree that the content is not currently screaming BUY BUY BUY … the problem is the intrusive, in-our-faces SIZE. I would like a compact text-list format for the ‘latest news’ _ with an option to see the new larger format articles.

Thanks for your work though, the functional aspects solve many problems :slight_smile:

(Tora Bushido) #67

First impression, NICE! :heart_eyes:

And as long as I dont have to manually re-add all my accounts I’m happy. Importing a csv with accounts would be even better, but I understand that’s only useful for a few of us.

(Goyathla) #68

And seven groups made… I no longer have to try to figure out which accounts to load every time I want to play. Already love it. Thank you CCP for this is done well so far.

Things that can still be improved on from my perspective:

  1. Single click access to open up groups. Allow us to show the groups instead of the accounts or have a second area just for the groups. This could be an optional area as not everyone will need it. The truth is that the individual accounts area is now useless since the groups are there… however if I only want to open two accounts that will still be faster by just hitting the accounts than clicking the launch groups then selecting a group unless something like this is implemented.

  2. It wasn’t the easiest thing to initially figure out how to add accounts to a group. That could have been more user friendly. Think about it.

  3. I know some people like pretty pictures on the news side of things, but to me it’s a waste of real estate. I’d rather have the option to scroll back through more than just a couple of posts. Currently the only way to see back further is to make the launcher bigger, and this seems unfair to those running on lower resolutions. Better still, I’d love to be able to hide the news feed and reveal it when I feel like it, with a scroll back option.

(Merior) #69

Another CCP example of the art of turning something that has worked for at least the last 5 years to my knowledge, with the occasional glitch, into something unnecessarily complicated that will be the subject of even more glitches. It’s small wonder that new members leave as fast as they join.

Let us pray that like the “new” map that we will have the option to ignore this development or I suspect we will end up devoting more time to the art of logging in than we will to actually play the game.

KISS (keep it simple stupid)

(Dread Saboteur) #70

I see no performance info in there for the launcher.It’s a piece of crap it always was it always will be,just lackluster work done to say you’re working

(Cain Thanatos) #71

I noticed that this new launcher only allows up to a 30second delay while the old one had up to 180 iirc. Please don’t limit this to 30secs CCPlz! Thanks!

(0racle) #72

Nuked my client settings. What happened?

(Carneros) #73

I will miss the toggle feature. I use it regularly. I don’t mine or rat or do things with set dedicated characters. And I mix up my characters for PVP a lot. Sometimes I will pick a set with toggles and then launch them as I’m about to use them. Other times I set up my toggles, go have lunch, come back, and I’m ready to go. I use this as a mnemonic device for which characters I will use next.

Custom sets won’t replace that functionality.

(0racle) #74

Over the course of releases running up to the winter and into 2019, there’ll be more balance passes to various ships and modules as we look to keep the PVP meta fresh and ensure that combat choices and tactical decisions continue to matter just as much as your ship and fitting choices.

(ham Norris) #75

The groups are a nice idea, but without the ability to set the active Profile per group its a bit useless. Example. For my mail PVP group I run two accounts 1 on my 4k and the other underneath. My main setup I have running on my underneath display and split my 4k into 4th for miners.

(Bahnsuk Lee) #76

The overall design and aesthetic is very sleek and modernized which I’m really digging so far. Here’s hoping CCP gets this right.

The one gripe I have is the extra junk on the right. The old design was cleaner in that there wasn’t much showing other than your account selection, but that was just fine.

Edit: Second issue is the glaring white notification every time you start an account. I don’t need to know I started the client when I just clicked on it. Maybe make it darker and subtle?

Are there plans to have layout options like the old launcher had?

(Parobro) #77

Is there now finally a feature to scale all ingame windows by enabling one checkmark for all my accounts the same?

(Mintoko) #78

The launcher has nothing to do with the game’s window management, only the launching of the client.

(Black Pedro) #79

Has anyone tested if the new launcher addresses the ability of some unscrupulous players to log in multiple alpha accounts simultaneously?

(Mintoko) #80

I don’t know about multiple alphas, but an alpha and omega can still be logged in at the same time. The launcher isn’t going to be able to do anything about it. All it does is launch the client. Stopping alpha violations is something to be handled by the client itself.