Devblog: New Launcher Changes Coming!


(Drago Shouna) #81

LOL, no sympathy…

(Black Pedro) #82

I guess so. One could imagine some sort of additional pre-check in the new launcher, but you are right, to do it properly it would need to be done in the client.

(Expense Account) #83

You could try making a list.

I find list handy in many situations, so it’s not a wasted skill you’d be developing for yourself.

(Expense Account) #84

For a long list of logins, the beta launcher always jumps to the top of the list. I would be nice to save some scrollling.

(Peter Yurgin) #85

That would ruin this hole thing?!!! They want to put the news in your face so they can tempt you with discounts better.

(Psychedemic) #86

I hope you guys will spend a few hours testing and debugging the launcher running through Wine on Linux. Every time a big launcher overhaul happens, I have to quit Eve for 6 months because it breaks.

(Beetle) #87

OK 1st thing - Good Job on things like token and restart to update issues being addressed. Thank you.


I strongly agree with the suggestion form the earlier in the thread to be able to to scroll through the news. It’s pretty clear you want the news to look better and be exposed better and to be honest I like that, I like the looks of the beta launcher. But it’s really weird if you want to force people to click the News button at the same time for more news, not even that old news.

For one other thing some people have limited resources (their PC hardware). Or maybe, maybe there’s more like me whose browser has over 1000 tabs at all times. It takes a while to open.
Pretty much anyone who opens the launcher wants to 1st and foremost play Eve so why demand from people to open their internet browser for one item, only to close it soon etc?
Some times I want to read entire dev blog from top to bottom and I don’t mind the internet browser being opened, I have 2 screens as well. Other times I don’t want to bother with my internet browser but at all times I wanna see the news list. Well not exactly a list in the beta launcher.

Also there are times I don’t play Eve for longer period of time, 1 month or more. I hardly ever feel like tracking every news since I started my break but I’d still like to see the most recent ones in last several weeks or more because they feel most relevant, for example skins that often are timed thing (even if I don’t really buy them), new events and more.


There’s an issue with resizing the beta launcher. I played around what would happen, made it larger to happily see I can see more news.

Then I made it cover almost entire screen… and most news were lost with only the 2 most recent taking most of the screen. Like this:

It would be nice to have control over the size of news. It could also benefit those who said in the thread they don’t want ad billboard. They made it clear they aren’t spending any money on the offers, why to make them more irritated?


so I looked the new launcher I really only see ccp benfits from this we all get more info on skins great but on the other hand if I have to put more work into to get the new launcher to work because past launcher have been screwed up the sale on the new skins will not be enough if people stop playing because it seems to be just a launcher with pics for more skins. I don’t see the benfits that the new feature will help people but will cause issues and as gamer I don’t loging into a game to be hard and by logging at this it going to cuase this maybe it time to find another game since everytime you create a new launcher it work for me and I don’t play games for work that wot a full time job for not a game

(Beetle) #89

It’s not just looks, they want to fix things like the must to restart the old launcher to download any patches at all or the login token getting broken to the point PC must be rebooted if that even works, things like this.
So we can say they are changing the launcher exactly for it not to be getting broken.


but they say that all the time we creating a new launcher to stop the launcher from broken then wots happens you cant log in for day or 2 when has the they deploy a patch when hasn’t causes the player time and effort trying to play this “game”?


so any date set for when this going be applied?

(Teinyhr) #92

Omg this. I still remember when you could read ingame news in the login screen. Probably a lot of people skipped them, but they got several of my back then corpmates interested in the game’s lore, people who normally didn’t think about that kind of stuff.

Bring back the world news CCPlz! And I don’t mean “sacrifice game related news” but that please let us find the world news easier. It’s like you don’t even want people to read them, despite all the effort that goes into them.

(Infinite Destruction) #93

So you are working on trying to get rid of all the “bots”…

by revamping the launcher to make it easier for people to mass launch all their bots with a single click ?


(Mandor M Sawall) #94

If we have launch groups, the profiles should also be tied into groups.
I am trying out the new launcher now.

If I’m logging mining chars i want 1st profile with low graphics settings and lower sounds
If I’m logging PvE characters i want different window layout, and different resolution and different graphics setting because i’ll be logging fewer chars
If, I’m logging PvP, yet again, i want it all different.

CCPlease, this should be within launch groups!

(Sky Marshal) #95

I bet the CPU consumption of the launcher will explode, as the news take more space and are much frolly with their images.

Groups… well, why not, but they aren’t really practical if there isn’t any real way to make them easily distinguishable from an another launched one.

In fact, whatever account is online, there is no real visible way to differenciate them. At least with the good old RGB sliders, we could have setted an orange UI for all mining accounts, and a green UI for a trader one, for exemple. Now it is only dark with a slim touch of color, making harder to find out what account I am using depending of the situation.

TL;DR : So much effort for the UI of the launcher, the contrary if not the nerfing of the UI of the game itself…

(Nazzarus) #96

Ok, played with it a few days. Everything is fine, except please bring back the eve clock! A small thing, but I always checked the time when I was logging in and I feel naked without my watch.

(Ender Ambrye) #97

Trying the beta, love it, top work…please ignore the entitled little blowhards banging on about the ads and so forth, it’s a much more contemporary and clean UI, no different in philosophy to a host of other similar products.

Group launch is a much appreciated addition - my query, and no idea if its asked above as most of the criticisms in this thread are delivered in such a pathetically toxic manner as to be intolerable - but will this lead to direct character launching?

ie. Click Launch group: Alliance main and alts log directly into hanger.

Reason I ask, with an alliance main, dread altts and scanners, etc, an alt bear corp and market, scouting and out of corp DST alts, spread across 4 accounts, the same thing happens no matter what group I launch!

(Mr Mac) #98

Launch Groups should be per server

(Razeer Andreans) #99

Hello CCP,
Tried the Beta Launcher, all seems to be working and my first impression is that it is a bit faster at launching the game than the current one.

When adding an account to a launcher group, could you add a list of the charachters on that account, with their mugshots and a radio button, with by default the first toon selected.

I could then have a launcher group “mining team” and put in say 1-1 (orca pilot), 2-2 (miner), 3-1 (miner), another launcher group “Indy team” with 1-2, 2-1, 3-2 and “Wormhole team” with 1-3,2-3,3-3

That would be really helpful :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work

(Aves Asio) #100

The entitled little blowhards dont want eve to become world of tanks