Devblog: New Launcher Changes Coming!


(Stella Harris) #101

Very much would like to see this supported.

Launching a large group of accounts it would be preferable to be able to have a ‘lower quality/higher performance’ settings profile selected.

Whereas if you’re looking to load only 1-2 accounts, which would also load on the two different screens, that would usually just be selecting a different profile in the current launcher before hitting launch.
The launch group system actually makes this more fiddly to accomplish.

(Brock Khans) #102

It doesn’t seem to keep track of what clients are running after they are launched, so if I dozens of accounts up I can’t tell from the launcher which ones are already started

(Dotar Sojat) #103

Literally all I want the launcher to do is , well…launch the game.
The nanosecond the launcher starts the game I close it anyway, always have, always will. Once the game is launched it has no more significance to me than the advertisements it endlessly spams forth that I never even glance at.
Maybe creating a launcher that drops you back to the character selection screen rather than having to paddle all the way back upstream would be nice?
Creating the ability to launch specific “activity” groups seems like an easy button for botters, I mean it really isn’t a deal breaker for me to log in my accounts one at a time as I’ve been doing for 15 years. I certainly hope alpha characters do not even have the option to create much less launch entire groups!

(Aernir Ridley) #104

Small little thing, status messages in the upper right corner of the screen (startup/shutdown unexpectedly etc.) blocks the exit button for the new settings pages. Any chance we can get the location of the top status message moved down a bit?

(Sorin Orii) #105

It would be really useful to be able to log into SiSi. I haven’t been able to add my TQ accounts to SiSi in a very long time. The issue seems to be a disconnect between live 2FA and test server 2FA (for me anyways).

(Shinka Sky) #106

Please allow us to decide on the capitalization of the Launch Groups ourself. Why do they need to start with a capital letter and have the rest lower case?

(JuuR Zibaoo) #107

hey there

would be really cool to have an option to get accounts and launch button on the right side or be able to resize until i only see the accounts and launch button with a “open news” button


(Vikkie Vynneve) #108

This is EVE. Do you Not know how to spreadsheet?

(Vikkie Vynneve) #109

+1 Why O Why did you ditch the clock?

(Ender Ambrye) #110

And that’s cognitive dissonance - the launcher doesn’t change the game - WoT is a battle arena game, the launchers could be identical and Eve would still not turn into World of Tanks. It’s the ‘blowhard’ bit I was referring too.

(CampoV) #111

Would be great too if we could re-size the account list column to accomodate long account names.

(Eriker Gengod) #112

If you’re not happy, you could give them a hand. If not…i don’t know, maybe shut up and say something constructive for a change.

(Salt Foambreaker) #113

The fonts and buttons for the accounts that are active are grey.

That is like a green stop sign, people think of a grey font as disabled.

(Dragon Mnementh) #114

so if i undeerstand Right
you programmed a launcher where this nerfing cloaky camper now can lauch there 20 accounts with one button?

i am stunned

(Mintoko) #115

That can be done with the current release. The only thing that’s changed is that you can have multiple groups by name.

(Drago Shouna) #116

Because in the English language the first letter is always capitalised.

(Brown Star) #117

Please put the clock back into the beta launcher. tia

(Salt Foambreaker) #118

That’s not new, just that we can now create sub groups.

(Beetle) #119

I’m thinking about people with 1 account (for example their 1st). For them there would a lot of space wasted on the left. Layout change option like in old launcher would be nice.

(Scotland TheBallsy) #120

The new launcher looks pretty nice, I wonder what this means for Linux users though. Right now the launcher is like a 5 year old with ADHD, one minute it’s fine and the next it’s away jabbing dog ■■■■ with a stick. I’ll have a proper look at it when I get back from work today.