Devblog: New Launcher Changes Coming!


(Mingja) #121

For the tiny ammount of time you actually spent on the launcher, these changes seem to have created a bit of a fuss. :open_mouth:

CCP, I don’t care about the launcher, aslong as it does what I want it to do (let me login, save my credentials).

The Launcher did just that before so this change is completely pointless to me. Why (of all things) was this important to push? :frowning:

(Jian Mira) #122

It does seem to be a bit pointless, I preferred the old Launcher and where has the UTC Clock gone…

I prefer them to get the 64bit client working…

(Oxigun) #123

A couple of points:

  • Why did you decide to spread out the accounts vertically so much more than before? the size of my launcher is now almost 1400 pixels. At least offer a “compact mode”
  • Where are the different types of layouts that were available before? Maybe they’re hiding somewhere but I can’t find them.
  • Changing the profile on the fly is now cumbersome since the new options take up all the launcher real estate and I have to click more times and move the mouse around to change the profile. Why?
    -What happened to the slider buttons where I could create a group on the fly and just say “launch accounts”? I have to create groups now for every different scenario and save it? Why?
    -If you’re going to make me create groups so I can launch accounts, at least then give me the option to select which profile i want associated with each account group. If I want to launch 3 accounts in high res but also 10 accounts in low-res, I should not have to go into every single one and change the profile…
    -Finally, and this might be my OCD talking, but why doesn’t the launcher snap to any window/edge of the screen like other windows?

This is a form over function update, not happy.

(Tonto Auri) #124

Can’t it just update straight away, like a good girl? That’s the sole reason to have a separate launcher running over DT.

(Brutus07) #125

Well for this Linux user its not working. I was online late last night. This morning the launcher gives me an error. I wondered about this new launcher breaking also and posted this question in the in-game Linux channel a few days ago. I guess this can be expected since the game is not supported on any distro.

(twoflower Secret) #126

The group function would be much more useful when you could also select pilots from the accounts added (and launch straight into the game).

Then you could have a cyno group that launches your cyno alt alongside your main capital pilot or a mining group that launches all mining alts.

(Megan Maynard) #127

Same here, launcher is now broken. Getting a “Key not able to authenticate” error.

(Tonto Auri) #128

If only 1/4 of the launcher is dedicated to… you know, launching the game, it leaves you wonder…

(Old Man Chamemi) #129

The code verifier, associated with your login, could not be found. Please try again later.

Using 2 computers, one of them has Manjaro, other has … Manjaro, can run EVE on one computer and not on the other due to auth error.


And is there a dedicated thread for us poor Linux troopers? :slight_smile:

(frsd) #130

This is like the first time in a year that I’m logging into these forums.

Holy ■■■■ what a hot pile of steaming garbage this new launcher is. What intern did you force to design this shitty UI???

(Raseac) #131

Why did you make it bigger? It takes up too much room on the screen.
Give us the option to remove all the crap and make it smaller.

(CCP Avalon) #132

Clock is back in beta (6.0.23)

The launcher can be resized, down to 900x580 (unchanged from previous versions) if you prefer it so.

Is there a way to go back to the old launcher?
(CCP Avalon) #133

The code verifier, associated with your login request, could not be found. Please try logging in again.

For win/mac:
If clicking add account and going through the login process a second time results in the same error, please try restarting your launcher and run through it once more. Also make sure you’re running the latest application (1456374 or greater).


If your launcher application is not prompting you with updates, or fails to update, you may get the latest version here:

For linux users…
Since we don’t have official support for Linux, the launcher backend may not yet have been updated on release. Switching to beta, and receiving the launcher app update there, should solve the issue for the time being.

Launcher broken
(S810 Jr) #134

Wow, so much wasted screen space and you’ve made it so the accounts are even more spread out so they can’t be all on screen at once. But please, tell me more about skin and plex sales.

(Golovach Elena) #135

There was a normal game launcher. But you, as always, are all too ****. It would be better lags fixed!!

(ISD Fractal) #136

The devs have been pretty responsive to feedback as you can see reading this thread. It might be helpful if you could give specific examples of what you don’t like and suggestions on how to improve it.

(OutCast EG) #137

Remove ads!

(Rivr Luzade) #138

Oh wow. The stupid ad scroll right next to the accounts section. Would be a shame if someone misclicked on one of these ads, right?

This is devious. Utterly devious. And bovine waste.

Look at how little space actual user and using stuff takes. Not even 25% for the accounts. And logged in characters (You still have not fixed that typo, it still says players, which is a lie) squished out of sight into the a far away corner. So not user stuff is not even in one place/one section any longer. Who teaches this kind of bovine waste UI design? That school and teacher should be sued into jail.

And just look at this terrible In Session UI, just a gray Stop button. At least the old launcher told you with a faint green line that you were running EVE, the first iteration of the launcher even with a bright green background on the account. CCP sure knows how to go back 10 steps when they do 1 forward. :facepalm:

And another thing: Now I need to do 2 clicks instead of one to remember my accounts. (No, I do not want to turn on Remember Always in the settings). That was better in the previous launcher as well. What are you even doing?

And yet another thing. Not only can I not make the launcher small enough to hide the ad section. If I made it small enough that only the ad scroll and 1 news ad are visible, I potentially even miss news as CCP has a bad habit to post several news on one day. That was better in the old launcher as well.

The only redeeming feature so far: That stupid friendship is best ship crap is gone. Finally.

(Mad Undertaker) #139

can login my main, but can’t login my alt. What do? (when entering login with password and hiting enter - nothing happening, when main account login like normal.)

(Earnest Emu) #140

It would be really cool if the launch group would be able to automatically login the individual character on each account assigned to a specific group.
Eve is still the only app I launch that does not re-open the client on the monitor I closed it on, would be nice if there was a way to set that.