Fixed Window help

Alright so here’s the thing i want to start mutiboxing with clients and want to have the windows next to each-other so it’s easy to switch between but i can’t seem to choose the location of the Fixed window other wise all the clients end up layering under each other

Is anything i can do to move the client window location and any way i can change the size of the window so that it is smaller then the size limit in the settings?

Here are the different Screen modes:

  • Fullscreen - works like any other game’s fullscreen. If you ALT+Tab out it will minimize your game window.
  • Fixed Window - Similar to Fullscreen, but does not minimize your game window if you ALT+Tab out.
  • Window Mode - Works like any other programs you may be using, you can resize it or maximize it to fit your entire screen, only leaving the Task bar and the Window title-bar visible.

you probably want to use Window Mode for your purposes.

Try eve-o preview it makes little tabs out of the windows in background which work in real time by clicking on a tab it brings that client window upfront

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