Automatically maximize client (window mode)

As in the title, I am in search of a tool/script that can maximize all my clients automatically.

I don’t have a lot of accounts, just 3 but it would be really helpful if there could be also the tool that can do this.

I’ve done some digging alone but with no success. Managed to make “D:\EVE\SharedCache\tq\bin64\exefile.exe” to maximize. Only when I open this directly from the folder but the login is blocked there, works only via the Launcher. Also I checked the character profiles and settings in AppData…still no clue how to make this work.

Would be nice to have a bit of support developing a tool like this or maybe a parameter in the launcher itself.

Thank you in advance.

I think I’m missing some context. Are you switching between window sizes a lot?

Because my clients are all maximised already when I open them.

When you go to settings, you can set how the client opens every time. Mine is in windowed mode.

So when I launch all my 3 accounts they are in window mode but they are not maximized to fit the screen perfectly . I need to double click every time the top border to make it fit.

Yes, that is correct but it doesn’t fully fit the screen. :frowning:

Have you tried setting the window size in the ingame settings (instead of doubleclicking)?

I would think that those settings are stored and used next time you staet the game.

You can’t change “Window size” if you are in “Window Mode”. It’s disable(greyed out). This topic was discussed somewhere in 2013-2017 on the old forums. People still did not found a solid fix or workaround.

What I did for this (for a single account, though), was to manually size the window to its maximum dimensions without using the windows function to maximize the window. Each following launch of the game the window would be the size and in the position in which I had last placed it.

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Not at the computer at the moment, but aren’t there 3 options: fullscreen, windowed mode and fullscreen windowed?

I use that last one, to have a windowed mode that covers my full screen. Sounds like what you want, right?

Fixed Window, Full Screen, or Windowed Mode. Those are the 3 options…

Ah yes, not ‘full screen windowed’ but ‘fixed window’. Thanks!

Anyway, that last option (fixed window) puts my game in full screen, but is still windowed to allow access to other screens without the need for alt-tabbing out.

for me fixed window covers like 3/4 of the screen. Then again im using a TV not a monitor. not sure if that really mattered or not. But yes Windowed mode when maxed always portrays the correct aspect ratio according to the description… they recommend playing in full screen.

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