Windowed Issues

I used windowed mode because it’s just easier with multiple chracters. Whenever I start the game for some reason, it will start in windowed mode, but slightly off center and with the bottom of my screen behind the task bar and the right of my screen is slightly off the monitor. I simple maximize the window, and go on with my day. But it happens every time and with multiple characters it’s getting to be a pain in the ass every time. Is there a way to just get EVE to start in a windowed mode, but maximized?

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Have you tried fixed windowed mode? It’s what I use. And, I use Kuroro Lucifer’s Autohotkey script in order to rearrange my clients. He also provides .ahk files (which can be edited with notepad), which you can use as a template for creating your own specific layouts with your preferred hotkeys.

Anyway, this allows me to place my clients exactly where I want. No titlebars, no borders, and no taskbar overlapping my windows/eating up screen real estate.

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